Color Correction Handbook: Professional Techniques for Video and Cinema, 2/e (Paperback)

Alexis Van Hurkman

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  • 出版日期: 2013-11-19
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0321929667
  • ISBN-13: 9780321929662
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The colorist is responsible for the critical final stage of refinement of the film and broadcast image. Using all of the controls modern color correction software provides, colorists refine the mood, create style, add polish to scenes, and breathe life into the visuals. The craft of color correction can take considerable trial and error to learn, while the art of color grading takes years to perfect. Alexis Van Hurkman draws on his wealth of industry experience to provide a thoroughly updated edition of what has become the standard guide to color correction. Using a friendly, clear teaching style and a slew of real-world examples and anecdotes, Alexis demonstrates how to achieve professional results for any project, using any number of dedicated grading applications, or even an editing program’s built-in color correction tools.

From the most basic methods for evaluating and correcting an overall image to the most advanced targeted corrections and creative stylizations, Color Correction Handbook, Second Edition, is your one-stop guide. Among many valuable concepts and techniques, you’ll learn to:

•    Set up a professional color correction environment using the latest technologies and adhere to the most up-to-date standards

•    Work with log-encoded media and LUTs

•    Analyze shots quickly and correct errors of color and exposure

•    Create idealized adjustments for key features such as skin tone, skies, and product shots

•    Develop strategies for balancing clips in a scene to match one another for continuity, and grading greenscreen clips destined for visual effects

•    Master a variety of stylistic techniques used to set a scene’s mood

•    Apply principles of color and contrast to add depth and visual interest

•    Browse valuable research about memory colors, audience preferences, and critical corrections for achieving appealing skin tones and controlled  environments

•    Follow along with the downloadable files that accompany this book, including HD footage, cross-platform exercises, and project files.


調色師負責影片和廣播影像的關鍵最後精煉階段。利用現代色彩校正軟體提供的所有控制功能,調色師可以調整情緒、創造風格、為場景增添光澤,並賦予視覺效果生命力。色彩校正的技藝需要大量的試誤才能學會,而色彩分級的藝術則需要多年的完善。Alexis Van Hurkman憑藉其豐富的行業經驗,提供了一本經過全面更新的色彩校正標準指南。Alexis以友好、清晰的教學風格和大量的實例和軼事,演示如何在任何項目中使用任意數量的專用分級應用程式或甚至是編輯程式內建的色彩校正工具,實現專業結果。


• 使用最新技術建立專業的色彩校正環境,並遵守最新的標準

• 處理記錄編碼的媒體和查找表(LUTs)

• 快速分析並校正色彩和曝光錯誤的鏡頭

• 為皮膚色調、天空和產品鏡頭等關鍵特徵創建理想的調整

• 制定平衡片段的策略,以使它們在場景中相互匹配,並對用於視覺效果的綠幕片段進行分級

• 掌握各種用於設定場景情緒的風格化技巧

• 應用色彩和對比原則,增加深度和視覺趣味

• 瀏覽有關記憶色彩、觀眾偏好以及實現吸引人的膚色和受控環境的關鍵校正的有價值研究

• 跟隨本書附帶的可下載文件,包括高清影片、跨平台練習和專案檔案。