Software Project Management: A Process-Driven Approach

Ahmed, Ashfaque


To build reliable, industry-applicable software products, large-scale software project groups must continuously improve software engineering processes to increase product quality, facilitate cost reductions, and adhere to tight schedules. Emphasizing the critical components of successful large-scale software projects, Software Project Management: A Process-Driven Approach discusses human resources, software engineering, and technology to a level that exceeds most university-level courses on the subject.

The book is organized into five parts. Part I defines project management with information on project and process specifics and choices, the skills and experience needed, the tools available, and the human resources organization and management that brings it all together. Part II explores software life-cycle management. Part III tackles software engineering processes and the range of processing models devised by several domestic and international organizations.

Part IV reveals the human side of project management with chapters on managing the team, the suppliers, and the customers themselves. Part V wraps up coverage with a look at the technology, techniques, templates, and checklists that can help your project teams meet and exceed their goals. A running case study provides authoritative insight and insider information on the tools and techniques required to ensure product quality, reduce costs, and meet project deadlines.

Praise for the book:

This book presents all aspects of modern project management practices ... includes a wealth of quality templates that practitioners can use to build their own tools. ... equally useful to students and professionals alike.
--Maqbool Patel, PhD, SVP/CTO/Partner, Acuitec


Ashfaque Ahmed has more than 22 years of experience in the software industry. He has a BSc in engineering and an MBA in information systems. He has worn many hats during his career, including that of a project manager, test manager, system analyst, and business analyst. He has managed projects of sizes varying from a few thousand dollars worth to projects worth millions of dollars. Some of the larger projects ran for a span of more than two years. He has also worked on software product development projects that typically run for decades and that keep adding new features and modifying existing product features almost endlessly.

Ahmed is a popular author. He has recently authored a book titled Software Testing as a Service, which was published by CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, in September 2009. He has written more than 15 research papers for Technology Evaluation Centers and Tech Target. He is also a contributing author at Technology Evaluation Centers ( and an expert at Tech Target Application Development Media Group (http: //