.Net 4 for Enterprise Architects and Developers

Hate, Sudhanshu, Paharia, Suchi



Presenting cutting-edge insights from industry practitioners, .NET 4 for Enterprise Architects and Developers supplies in-depth coverage of the various server-side features of Microsoft .NET Framework 4 that can be leveraged in Enterprise Application development. It provides a fundamental understanding of the technical aspects of implementation and details a step-by-step approach for real-life implementation using specific .NET 4 features.

The book is useful to architects, developers, students, and technology enthusiasts who wish to learn more about .NET 4. It illustrates key scenarios and specific features with code snippets to help you understand the technical aspects of implementation.

Praise for the book:

... presents broad and deep coverage of key technologies released as part of .NET Framework 4.
--Kris Gopalakrishnan, Executive Co-Chairman, Chairperson, Executive Council of Infosys Ltd.

... the authors introduce us to new features of .NET, provide deep insights into it, and explain how it can be applied in enterprise application development scenarios. ... highly recommended ... .
--Naveen Kumar, Principal Architect, Microsoft Technology Center, Infosys Ltd.

... excellent in-depth coverage of .NET Framework 4 ... .
--Subu Goparaju, Senior Vice President, Head of Infosys Labs, Infosys Ltd.


Sudhanshu Hate is a senior technology architect at Infosys Ltd. He has 13 years of industry experience working across various stages of SDLC. He has diverse technology experience ranging from Oracle, Delphi, and Java, to Microsoft .NET (.NET Framework, WCF, WF, Entity Framework), and the SQL Server BI platform. For the last 8 years, he has been responsible for technology research, envisioning, building, and consulting on Microsoft technology-based solutions. He has also been instrumental in taking solutions to Fortune 500 customers in EMEA and the US.

Sudhanshu is passionate about understanding technology levers and aligning them for business benefits. These days he is closely following Cloud Computing trends with focus around Microsoft Azure as a platform. He graduated third in his class of industrial engineering undergraduates and has authored papers that are available at Infosys' Technology Showcase (http: //www.infosys.com/microsoft/resource-center/Pages/technology-showcase.aspx), presented in external forums such as Microsoft Virtual TechDays, the Third India Software Engineering Conference (ISEC 2010), and blogs at http: //blogs.infosys.com/microsoft.

Suchi Paharia is a technical lead at Infosys Ltd. She has over 6 years of experience in building applications using Microsoft technologies. As a consultant, she has helped architect and design .NET applications for many customers. She specializes in the middle tier and works extensively on WCF and WF technologies.