Fingerprints: Analysis and Understanding the Science

Hawthorne, Mark R., Plotkin, Sharon L., Douglas, Bracey-Ann

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Fingerprints: Analysis and Understanding the Science, Second Edition is a thorough update of Mark Hawthorne's classic written by two professionals with combined experience not only in crime scene investigations but also as court-recognized experts in latent print examination. Designed as a concise text to cover the fundamental techniques and principles of obtaining and analyzing latent fingerprint evidence, the book is laid out and written in an easy to understand format for those front-line professionals collecting and analyzing fingerprint evidence.

Over time, the degree of sophistication and education on fingerprints and friction ridge analysis has increased. Ultimately, through scientific study by pioneers in the field, the composition of friction skin soon became evident: that it could be used as a unique identifier of individuals. Now, fingerprints and footprints as unique identifiers--and their use in criminal cases--have become commonplace and an essential component of criminal investigation with most cases involving some component of fingerprint evidence.

Divided into two parts, the book begins with the basics of analysis, providing a brief history, systematic methods of identification, fingerprint pattern types and their associated terminologies and current classifications. The second part of the book discusses the identification and presentation of evidence in the courtroom, demonstrating both the traditional, manual method of lifting prints and the newer techniques for automated and live scans. Coverage provides instruction on searching and developing latent prints, storage, and comparison of prints.

New to this edition are updated techniques on collecting and preserving fingerprint evidence--including packaging and maintaining chain of custody. More detailed documentation processes, and additional chemical and lifting techniques, are described including use of light sources, latent backing cards and lifting material, casting material, ten print cards, and the enhancement of prints in blood. A discussion of laboratory equipment and comparison tools, the addition of photography techniques, and recent courtroom challenges to fingerprint evidence is also presented.

Fingerprints, Second Edition will provide a hands-on, fresh look at the most commonly utilized evidence found at crime scenes: fingerprints. The book will provide law enforcement, crime scene personnel and students just such an opportunity to easily understand and grasp the concepts, and relevant issues, associated with friction skin and fingerprint evidence.








Mark R. Hawthorne, now retired, was a professor and faculty member at the City College of San Francisco, where he began teaching in 1985 in the Administration of Justice programs and has also served as the coordinator of the forensic science program in criminal justice. In addition, he was an instructor at Sky-line College in San Bruno, California and taught at other universities and colleges since 1985. Mr. Hawthorne possesses an Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Master's degrees. He was previously the lead instructor in physical evidence and crime scenes at the San Francisco Police Regional Training Academy. Mark is also a retired member of the San Francisco Police Department after serving with distinction for twenty-nine years, the last twenty-three as a crime scene investigator. During his career, Mark has processed more than three thousand crime scenes, has processed thousands of pieces of evidence and has testified as an expert witness numerous times in California state courts as well as U.S. district courts. Mark has conducted thousands of fingerprint comparisons and has made in excess of three thousand identifications. Mark is also an I.A.I. Certified Latent Print Examiner as well as a Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst. Mark is also a recognized subject matter expert by the State of California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training in subject matter of physical evidence and crime scenes. Mark has made numerous presentations to various forensic organizations and meetings and is a published author (First Unit Responder: A Guide for the Physical Evidence Collection for Patrol Officers.) He also mentored and assisted countless students achieve the goal in the Forensic Science field.

Sharon L. Plotkin obtained her Masters of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from Florida International University. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work, also from Florida International University and an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology from Broward Community College. Ms. Plotkin received her certification through the International Association for Identification in 2006 and has been doing crime scene work for almost 20 years. She has handled thousands of cases ranging from burglaries to homicides and suspicious death cases. Ms. Plotkin has a passion for teaching and loves the opportunity to excite students in wanting to embark on a career in law enforcement. She has been teaching at the college level for almost 13 years. She is full-time faculty at the largest school in the nation that currently has 165,000 students enrolled, teaching in the crime scene technology degree program. Ms. Plotkin has received specialized training in various fields of crime scene investigations, including bloodstain reconstruction, photography, crime scene reconstruction, fingerprinting, and shoe wear casting. She has had the opportunity to be involved in casework with Dr. Henry Lee, assisting in crime scene reconstruction. Some of her cases have appeared on Court TV. Ms. Plotkin is also a member of DMORT (Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team).

Bracey-Ann Douglas is a Police Officer in the Miami-Dade County Police Department. She worked previously in the County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department in the Fingerprint Section as a Fingerprint Analyst. Prior to that, she was a Crime Scene Technician with the North Miami Police Department's Crime Scene Unit. She is currently an Adjunct Faculty Professor in the Miami Dade College's North Campus School of Justice providing classroom instruction, curriculum development, and supervisor for students' field experience and internships. Ms. Douglas holds a Master of Science in Management with a Concentration in Criminal Justice Administration, and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Management with Concentration in Crime Scene Investigations from Miami Dade College.


Mark R. Hawthorne(馬克·R·霍桑)現已退休,曾是舊金山市立大學的教授和教職員,於1985年開始在行政司法課程中教授,並擔任刑事司法中法醫科學計劃的協調員。此外,他還曾在加利福尼亞州布魯諾市的天際線學院擔任教師,並自1985年以來在其他大學和學院教授。霍桑先生擁有文學副學士、文學學士和碩士學位。他曾是舊金山警察區域培訓學院物證和犯罪現場的首席教師。馬克也是舊金山警察局的退休成員,擔任優秀服務二十九年,其中二十三年擔任犯罪現場調查員。在他的職業生涯中,馬克處理了三千多個犯罪現場,處理了數千件證據,並在加利福尼亞州和美國地方法院多次作為專家證人作證。馬克進行了數千次指紋比對,並作出了三千多個識別。馬克還是國際協會認證的潛在指紋檢驗員,也是認證的高級犯罪現場分析師。馬克還是加利福尼亞州和平官員標準和培訓委員會認可的物證和犯罪現場主題專家。馬克向各種法醫組織和會議進行了多次演講,並出版了一本書(《第一單位應對者:巡邏警官物證收集指南》)。他還指導和幫助無數學生在法醫科學領域實現目標。

Sharon L. Plotkin(莎朗·L·普洛特金)獲得了佛羅里達國際大學犯罪司法學碩士學位,並輔修心理學。她也在佛羅里達國際大學獲得了社會工作學士學位,並在布羅沃德社區學院獲得了心理學副學士學位。普洛特金女士於2006年通過國際協會認證獲得了證書,並從事犯罪現場工作近20年。她處理了從入室盜竊到謀殺和可疑死亡案件的數千個案件。普洛特金女士熱衷於教學,喜歡激發學生對從事執法職業的興趣。她在大學層面教學已經近13年。她是全美最大的學校的全職教職員,該學校目前有165,000名學生就讀,教授犯罪現場技術學位課程。普洛特金女士接受了各種犯罪現場調查領域的專業培訓,包括血斑重建、攝影、犯罪現場重建、指紋識別和鞋印鑄模。她曾有機會參與李昌鈺博士的案件工作,協助犯罪現場重建。她的一些案件曾出現在法庭電視節目上。普洛特金女士還是災難屍體處理行動反應小組的成員。

Bracey-Ann Douglas(布雷西-安·道格拉斯)是邁阿密戴德縣警察局的警察。她曾在縣矯正和康復部門的指紋部門擔任指紋分析師。在此之前,她曾是北邁阿密警察局犯罪現場單位的犯罪現場技術員。她目前是邁阿密戴德學院北校區司法學院的兼職教授,提供課堂教學、課程開發和學生實習和實習的督導。道格拉斯女士擁有管理學碩士學位,專攻刑事司法管理,以及應用公共安全管理學士學位,專攻犯罪現場調查。