Thematic Cartography and Geovisualization, Fourth Edition

Slocum, Terry A., McMaster, Robert B., Kessler, Fritz C.

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This comprehensive and well-established cartography textbook covers the theory and the practical applications of map design and the appropriate use of map elements. It explains the basic methods for visualizing and analyzing spatial data and introduces the latest cutting-edge data visualization techniques. The fourth edition responds to the extensive developments in cartography and GIS in the last decade, including the continued evolution of the Internet and Web 2.0; the need to analyze and visualize large data sets (commonly referred to as Big Data); the changes in computer hardware (e.g., the evolution of hardware for virtual environments and augmented reality); and novel applications of technology.

Key Features of the Fourth Edition:

  • Includes more than 400 color illustrations and it is available in both print and eBook formats.
  • A new chapter on Geovisual Analytics and individual chapters have now been dedicated to Map Elements, Typography, Proportional Symbol Mapping, Dot Mapping, Cartograms, and Flow Mapping.
  • Extensive revisions have been made to the chapters on Principles of Color, Dasymetric Mapping, Visualizing Terrain, Map Animation, Visualizing Uncertainty, and Virtual Environments/Augmented Reality.
  • All chapters include Learning Objectives and Study Questions.
  • Provides more than 250 web links to online content, over 730 references to scholarly materials, and additional 540 references available for Further Reading.

There is ample material for either a one or two-semester course in thematic cartography and geovisualization. This textbook provides undergraduate and graduate students in geoscience, geography, and environmental sciences with the most valuable up-to-date learning resource available in the cartographic field. It is a great resource for professionals and experts using GIS and Cartography and for organizations and policy makers involved in mapping projects.


這本全面且成熟的地圖製作教科書涵蓋了地圖設計的理論和實際應用,以及地圖元素的適當使用。它解釋了視覺化和分析空間數據的基本方法,並介紹了最新的數據可視化技術。第四版回應了過去十年間地圖製作和地理信息系統(GIS)的廣泛發展,包括互聯網和Web 2.0的持續演進;分析和可視化大數據集(通常稱為Big Data)的需求;計算機硬件的變化(例如,用於虛擬環境和擴增實境的硬件演進);以及技術的新應用。

- 包含超過400張彩色插圖,並提供印刷和電子書兩種格式。
- 新增了一章關於地理可視化分析,並為地圖元素、字體排印、比例符號繪製、點狀繪製、卡圖和流向繪製等各個主題專門設立了章節。
- 對顏色原則、分區繪圖、地形可視化、地圖動畫、不確定性可視化和虛擬環境/擴增實境等章節進行了廣泛修訂。
- 所有章節均包含學習目標和學習問題。
- 提供超過250個網絡鏈接到在線內容,超過730個學術文獻引用,以及額外的540個參考文獻供進一步閱讀。



Terry Slocum is an Emeritus Professor with the University of Kansas where he taught cartography and statistics for 35 years, and chaired the Department of Geography for 8 years. His research interests have included data exploration, map animation, visualizing uncertainty, stereoscopic displays, history of thematic mapping, and color usage on maps. He has published in numerous refereed journals, including Cartography and Geographic Information Science, Cartographica, The Cartographic Journal, Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Journal of Geoscience Education, and Journal of Geography. Professor Slocum has been affiliated with six grants from the U.S. National Science Foundation, and received two Teacher Appreciation Awards from the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Kansas. He has chaired 14 dissertation and thesis committees and served on more than 75 dissertation and thesis committees.

Robert B. McMaster is Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, and Professor of Geography, at the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities. His research interests include automated generalization, environmental risk assessment, Geographic Information Science and society, and the history of U.S. academic cartography. He has authored or edited seven books on cartography and GIS, and his papers have been published in The American Cartographer, Cartographica, The International Yearbook of Cartography, Geographical Analysis, Cartography and GIS, and the International Journal of GIS. He served as editor of the journal Cartography and Geographic Information Systems from 1990-1996. He has served as President of the United States' Cartography and Geographic Information Society, President of UCGIS, and Vice President of the International Cartographic Association. Robert served a three-year term on the National Research Council's Mapping Science Committee (2005-2008). In 2010, he was named GIS Educator of the Year by the University Consortium on Geographic Information Science. In 2013 he was named Fellow of UCGIS.

Fritz Kessler is a Teaching Professor with Penn State. His teaching interests span cartography, statistics, and geography of health. His research focus spans several topics in cartography that include map projections, geometric and geopotential datums, history of thematic mapping, and data exploration. He has published in numerous refereed journals, including Cartography and Geographic Information Science, Cartographica, Cartographic Perspectives, Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Journal of Geography, and GeoJournal. He also coauthored a book with Dr. Sarah Battersby (at Tableau) titled Working with Map Projections: A Guide to their Selection. He is a former President of the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) and a board member to the Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS). His cartographic background is not limited to academia but has evolved through a several professional positions including Ohio University's Cartographic Center, USGS Water Resource Division, Intergraph Corporation, R. R. Donnelley and Sons, and the University of Kansas' T. R. Smith Map Library.

Hugh Howard is a professor of GIS at American River College in Sacramento, California, which hosts one of the largest GIS programs in the nation. He is the GIS Coordinator, Geosciences Department Chair, and currently teaches five GIS courses, including Cartographic Design for GIS. Hugh earned his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Kansas specializing in cartographic design, and developed an expert system software application to aid students in designing better maps. In 2019, he won an Excellence in Education award from the California Geographic Information Association (CGIA), and a Lifetime Achievement in Geospatial Two-Year College Education award from the GeoTech Center (an NSF-funded National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence). Hugh has worked as a cartographer for the U.S. Forest Service, the City of San Francisco, CB Richard Ellis, and Cartographics. He also taught GIS and managed GIS labs at Stanford University and San Francisco State University.


Terry Slocum是堪薩斯大學的名譽教授,他在該校教授地圖製作和統計學已有35年之久,並擔任地理學系主任8年。他的研究興趣包括數據探索、地圖動畫、不確定性可視化、立體顯示、專題地圖的歷史以及地圖上的色彩使用。他在許多同行評審期刊上發表過文章,包括《Cartography and Geographic Information Science》、《Cartographica》、《The Cartographic Journal》、《Annals of the American Association of Geographers》、《Journal of Geoscience Education》和《Journal of Geography》。Slocum教授曾與美國國家科學基金會合作過六項研究項目,並曾兩次獲得堪薩斯大學教學卓越中心的教師讚賞獎。他曾主持14個博士論文和碩士論文委員會,並擔任過75個以上的博士論文和碩士論文委員。

Robert B. McMaster是明尼蘇達大學-雙城校區的副校長兼本科教育主任,也是地理學教授。他的研究興趣包括自動化概括、環境風險評估、地理信息科學與社會以及美國學術地圖製作的歷史。他撰寫或編輯了七本關於地圖製作和地理信息系統的書籍,並在《The American Cartographer》、《Cartographica》、《The International Yearbook of Cartography》、《Geographical Analysis》、《Cartography and GIS》和《International Journal of GIS》等期刊上發表過論文。他曾擔任1990年至1996年期間的期刊《Cartography and Geographic Information Systems》的編輯。他曾擔任美國地圖製作和地理信息學會的主席、UCGIS的主席以及國際地圖學會的副主席。Robert曾在國家研究委員會的地圖科學委員會擔任三年任期(2005年至2008年)。2010年,他被地理信息科學大學聯盟評為「年度GIS教育家」。2013年,他被UCGIS評為「會士」。

Fritz Kessler是賓夕法尼亞州立大學的教學教授。他的教學興趣涵蓋地圖製作、統計學和健康地理學。他的研究範圍包括地圖投影、幾何和地球潛能基準、專題地圖的歷史以及數據探索等多個地圖製作主題。他在許多同行評審期刊上發表過文章,包括《Cartography and Geographic Information Science》、《Cartographica》、《Cartographic Perspectives》、《Annals of the American Association of Geographers》、《Journal of Geography》和《GeoJournal》。他還與Tableau的Sarah Battersby博士合著了一本名為《Working with Map Projections: A Guide to their Selection》的書籍。他曾擔任北美地圖信息學會(NACIS)的主席,並擔任地圖製作和地理信息學會(CaGIS)的董事會成員。他的地圖製作背景不僅限於學術界,還通過多個專業職位的經歷進行了發展,包括俄亥俄大學的地圖製作中心、美國地質調查局水資源部門、Intergraph Corporation、R. R. Donnelley and Sons以及堪薩斯大學的T. R. Smith地圖圖書館。

Hugh Howard是加州薩克拉門托的美國河流學院的地理信息系教授,該學院擁有全國最大的地理信息系統課程之一。他是地理信息系統協調員、地球科學系主任,目前教授五門地理信息系統課程,包括地圖製作設計。Hugh在堪薩斯大學獲得地理學博士學位,專攻地圖製作設計,並開發了一個專家系統軟件應用程序,以幫助學生設計更好的地圖。2019年,他獲得了加利福尼亞地理信息協會(CGIA)的卓越教育獎,以及地理空間二年制學院教育終身成就獎。