Music Data Analysis: Foundations and Applications

Weihs, Claus, Jannach, Dietmar, Vatolkin, Igor



This book provides a comprehensive overview of music data analysis, from introductory material to advanced concepts. It covers various applications including transcription and segmentation as well as chord and harmony, instrument and tempo recognition. It also discusses the implementation aspects of music data analysis such as architecture, user interface and hardware. It is ideal for use in university classes with an interest in music data analysis. It also could be used in computer science and statistics as well as musicology.







Dietmar Jannach, Günter Rudolphm and Igor Vatolkin are affiliated with the Department of Computer Science, TU Dortmund University, Germany










Claus Weihs is affiliated with the Department of Statistics at TU Dortmund University, Germany




Dietmar Jannach、Günter Rudolphm 和 Igor Vatolkin 隸屬於德國多特蒙德大學計算機科學系。

Claus Weihs 隸屬於德國多特蒙德大學統計學系。