How to Cheat in 3ds Max 2014: Get Spectacular Results Fast (Paperback)

Michael McCarthy

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  • 出版日期: 2013-09-19
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  • 相關分類: 3D建模 3D-modeling
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content<P>Why take months to learn every button in 3ds Max when you can create great visuals with just a few key tools? Utilize the tool of choice, <B>3ds Max 2014</B>, for generating realistic environments, seamless CG effects, and jaw dropping games in a matter of hours. You can use the memory-hogging methods that choke your display and take forever to render, or you can get it done quickly and efficiently. </P> <P></P> <P>Michael McCarthy offers a goldmine of artistic inspiration, timesaving tips & tricks, and step-by-step walkthroughs—you’ll wonder how you every got by without it! Start animating today with detailed tutorials, source files, bitmaps, and video demonstrations—all featured on the companion website.</P> <P></P> <P>This new edition has been completely revamped for 3ds Max 2014. You will find coverage on brand new features and tools such as Scene Management, iRay, Nitrous, Mass FX, and particles and physics. <EM>How to Cheat in 3ds Max 2014 </EM>features interviews with industry professionals that will help you gain the edge you need in the competitive world of animation. </P> <P></P> <UL> <P> <LI>3ds Max luminary and recipient of the 2011 Autodesk 3ds Max Master Award, author Michael McCarthy shares his 3ds Max secrets and little-known tips and tricks that save users hours of time</LI> <P></P></UL> <P></P> <UL> <P> <LI>Includes all new content and advanced cheats on modelling, special effects, natural elements, and the particle system</LI> <P></P></UL> <P></P> <UL> <P> <LI>Proven <I>How to Cheat </I>series teaches how to create quick yet stunning special effects, animations, realistic textures, and game elements</LI> <P></P></UL>sourceProduct Description


為什麼要花幾個月的時間學習3ds Max中的每個按鈕,當你只需要使用幾個關鍵工具就能創造出出色的視覺效果呢?選擇工具<B>3ds Max 2014</B>,在幾小時內生成逼真的環境、無縫的CG效果和令人驚嘆的遊戲。你可以使用佔用記憶體的方法,讓你的顯示器卡住並且需要很長時間渲染,或者你可以快速高效地完成工作。

Michael McCarthy提供了豐富的藝術靈感、節省時間的技巧和逐步指南,你會想知道你以前是怎麼沒有它過的!立即開始動畫製作,並提供詳細的教程、源文件、位圖和視頻演示,這些都可以在附帶的網站上找到。

這本新版已經完全改版為3ds Max 2014。你將找到關於全新功能和工具的介紹,如場景管理、iRay、Nitrous、Mass FX和粒子和物理效果。<EM>How to Cheat in 3ds Max 2014</EM>還包括與業界專業人士的訪談,這將幫助你在競爭激烈的動畫世界中獲得所需的優勢。

<LI>3ds Max的專家和2011年Autodesk 3ds Max大師獎得主Michael McCarthy分享了他的3ds Max秘訣和鮮為人知的技巧,可以為用戶節省數小時的時間</LI>


<LI>經過驗證的<I>How to Cheat</I>系列教你如何快速創建令人驚嘆的特效、動畫、逼真的紋理和遊戲元素</LI>