Symbian OS for Software Leaders (Hardcover)

David Wood




The rapidly emerging category of smartphones is poised to dramatically change the worlds of mobile communications and mobile computing. One company sits right at the heart of this revolution – Symbian, the provider of the industry-standard operating system for smartphones. Symbian OS is already used in more than 32 million mobile phones worldwide. Hundreds of partner companies and many thousands of independent developers are busily creating smartphone products to take advantage of the power of Symbian OS and the opportunities it offers.

Smartphones are mobile rich portals into the ever-expanding, ever more important digital universe. As with any revolutionary new technology, Symbian OS poses challenges to software developers at a management as well as a technical level. This is the first book to address the wider set of skills and thought processes necessary to successfully complete smartphone development projects.

As a co-founder of Symbian and former executive of Psion Software, David Wood has been actively involved in well over 100 smartphone development projects worldwide. Over the time spent on these projects, he has come to understand the key issues which determine the difference between successful and unsuccessful projects for Symbian OS. This book highlights and explains:

  • How to tame the awesome inner complexity of smartphone technology
  • Optimal project team organisation, combining agility and reliability
  • The design and the philosophy behind key features of Symbian OS
  • The potential trouble spots of smartphone integration, testing, and optimisation
  • How to receive the full benefit of the diverse skills in the extensive Symbian partner ecosystem
  • The methods that are most likely to deliver commercial success when using Symbian OS
  • The wider significance of Symbian OS skills and expertise in the evolving mobile marketplace
  • The particular importance of software leaders in bringing breakthrough smartphone products to the market.


Table of Contents:

Part I - Symbian in context.

1. At the heart of the smartphone revolution.

2. The big picture of a Symbian OS project.

3. Involving ISVs.

4. Twenty reasons why smartphones will win.

Part II - Thriving on scale.

5. Managing large projects.

6. Managing defects.

7. Managing configurations.

8. Managing integration.

9. Managing interfaces.

10. Managing testing.

11. Managing tools.

12. Managing plans and change.

13. Managing uncertainty.

14. Simplifying smartphone projects.

Part III - Symbian’s design philosophy.

15. Design goals for Symbian OS.

16. Designing for efficiency.

17. Designing for robustness.

18. Designing for usability.

19. Designing for longevity.

20. Designing for smartphones.

Part IV - Human aspects of smartphone projects.

21. The essential role of the project manager.

22. The essential role of the support network.

23. The essential role of renewal.


A1. Annotated glossary of abbreviations.

A2. Selected bibliography.

A3. Acknowledgements.


迅速崛起的智能手機類別將大大改變移動通信和移動計算的世界。一家公司正處於這場革命的核心位置 - Symbian,這是智能手機的行業標準操作系統提供商。Symbian OS已經在全球超過3200萬部手機中使用。數百家合作夥伴公司和成千上萬的獨立開發人員正在忙於創建智能手機產品,以利用Symbian OS的強大功能和提供的機會。

智能手機是進入不斷擴大、越來越重要的數字宇宙的移動豐富門戶。與任何革命性的新技術一樣,Symbian OS在管理和技術層面上對軟件開發人員提出了挑戰。這是第一本涵蓋成功完成智能手機開發項目所需的更廣泛技能和思維過程的書籍。

作為Symbian的聯合創始人和Psion Software的前高管,David Wood積極參與了全球100多個智能手機開發項目。在這些項目中度過的時間中,他已經了解到決定Symbian OS項目成功與否的關鍵問題。本書突出並解釋了以下內容:

- 如何控制智能手機技術的內在複雜性
- 最佳項目團隊組織,結合靈活性和可靠性
- Symbian OS關鍵功能的設計和理念
- 智能手機整合、測試和優化的潛在問題
- 如何充分利用廣泛的Symbian合作夥伴生態系統中的多樣技能
- 使用Symbian OS時最有可能實現商業成功的方法
- Symbian OS技能和專業知識在不斷發展的移動市場中的更廣泛意義
- 軟件領導者在推出突破性智能手機產品上的特殊重要性。

第一部分 - Symbian的背景。
1. 智能手機革命的核心。
2. Symbian OS項目的整體情況。
3. 吸引獨立軟件供應商。
4. 智能手機將取勝的二十個原因。

第二部分 - 在規模上蓬勃發展。
5. 管理大型項目。
6. 管理缺陷。
7. 管理配置。
8. 管理整合。
9. 管理接口。
10. 管理測試。
11. 管理工具。
12. 管理計劃和變更。
13. 管理項目。