IMS Multimedia Telephony over Cellular Systems: VoIP Evolution in a Converged Telecommunication World

Shyam Chakraborty, Janne Peisa, Tomas Frankkila, Per Synnergren

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  • 出版日期: 2007-03-12
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IMS Multimedia Telephony service has been standardized in 3GPP as the replacement of the circuit switched telephony service in cellular networks. The multimedia telephony service consists of several service components such as voice, video and text. ‘IMS Multimedia Telephony over Cellular Systems’ provides a comprehensive overview of the service that will enable enriched telephony for mobile users. Enriched telephony fulfils the user’s desire to communicate in new ways, for example by sharing pictures and video clips.

In addition to an overview of the Multimedia Telephony service, the book focuses on the modern media processing methods, which allows the quality of the packet switched voice and video telephony not only to match but also possibly exceed the quality of circuit switched telephony. Such key components as adaptive jitter buffering and adaptation of conversational media are explained in detail.

Key features:

  • Detailed description of how Multimedia Telephony sessions are set-up and controlled
  • Analysis showing the capacity and quality of VoIP and Multimedia Telephony in cellular networks
  • Coverage of other IMS services such as PoC specified by 3GPP and OMA
  • Description of suitable QoS and radio bearers for Multimedia Telephony
  • Explanation of the modern radio interface, especially High Speed Packet Access, which is based on concepts such as link adaptation and fast hybrid ARQ

The possibilities for the current and future standards covered in this book make it an indispensable resource for engineers, designers and researchers in VoIP, telecommunication companies and universities teaching and conducting research in telecommunications. It will also be of interest to managers needing an in-depth knowledge of the engineering and key issues of this complex technology, and students aspiring to develop a career in this area.


Table of Contents




1 Introduction (Shyam Chakraborty, Tomas Frankkila).

1.1 Convergence of Networking Paradigms.

1.2 IMS and the IMS Multimedia Telephony Service.

1.3 Requirements and Challenges.

1.4 Outline of this Book.

2 The Multimedia Telephony Communication Service (Daniel Enstr¨om, Krister Svanbro, Per Synnergren).

2.1 Benefits with IMS.

2.2 IMS Communication Services.

2.3 Multimedia Telephony Service Scenario.

2.4 Summary of the Multimedia Telephony Communication Service.

3 Network Architecture and Service Realization (Gonzalo Camarillo, Shyam Chakraborty, Janne Peisa, Per Synnergren).

3.1 Public Switched Telephone Network and Integrated Service Digital Network.

3.2 Data Networks and the Internet.

3.3 Cellular Systems.

3.4 Quality of Service.

3.5 The IP Multimedia Subsystem.

3.6 The TISPAN Next Generation Network.

3.7 Multimedia Telephony Realization.

4 Session Control (Gonzalo Camarillo, Per Synnergren).

4.1 SIP.

4.2 Signaling Compression.

4.3 Controlling QoS.

4.4 Establishment of Multimedia Telephony Sessions.

4.5 Modification of Multimedia Telephony Sessions.

4.6 Release of Multimedia Telephony Sessions.

4.7 Supplementary Services.

4.8 Interworking with CS Networks.

5 Media Flow (Daniel Enstr¨om, Tomas Frankkila, Per Fr¨ojdh, Janne Peisa, Krister Svanbro).

5.1 Media Coding.

5.2 Protocols.

5.3 Media Transport Processing.

5.4 Media Control.

5.5 Header Compression.

5.6 Radio Realization.

5.7 Interworking.

5.8 Media Configurations for Multimedia Telephony.

6 Security (Rolf Blom, Yi Cheng, Vesa Lehtovirta, Karl Norrman, G¨oran Schultz).

6.1 IMS Security Overview.

6.2 Access Domain Security.

6.3 IMS Security Mechanisms.

6.4 Outlook.

7 Performance (Tomas Frankkila, Janne Peisa, Per Synnergren).

7.1 Application Models.

7.2 Service Performance Requirements. 

7.3 Capacity.

7.4 Coverage.  

7.5 Transport Characteristics.

7.6 Service Quality.

7.7 Call Setup Delays.

8 Other IMS Communication Services (Per Synnergren).


8.2 OMA PoC.

8.3 OMA Instant Messaging.

8.4 Presence and List Management.

9 Summary (Per Synnergren, Janne Peisa).

Appendix Additional Simulation Results.

A.1 Delay Scheduler.

A.2 Max-CQI Scheduler.

A.3 Proportional-Fair Scheduler.

A.4 Round-Robin Scheduler.






- 詳細描述多媒體電話會話的建立和控制
- 分析顯示VoIP和多媒體電話在蜂窩網絡中的容量和質量
- 涵蓋3GPP和OMA指定的其他IMS服務,如PoC
- 描述適用於多媒體電話的適當QoS和無線傳輸通道
- 解釋現代無線接口,特別是基於鏈路適應和快速混合ARQ等概念的高速分組訪問


- 前言
- 致謝
- 詞彙表
- 第1章 簡介
- 第2章 多媒體電話通信服務