Bayesian Models for Categorical Data

Peter Congdon

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The use of Bayesian methods for the analysis of data has grown substantially in areas as diverse as applied statistics, psychology, economics and medical science. Bayesian Methods for Categorical Data sets out to demystify modern Bayesian methods, making them accessible to students and researchers alike. Emphasizing the use of statistical computing and applied data analysis, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to Bayesian methods of categorical outcomes.
* Reviews recent Bayesian methodology for categorical outcomes (binary, count and multinomial data).
* Considers missing data models techniques and non-standard models (ZIP and negative binomial).
* Evaluates time series and spatio-temporal models for discrete data.
* Features discussion of univariate and multivariate techniques.
* Provides a set of downloadable worked examples with documented WinBUGS code, available from an ftp site.
The author's previous 2 bestselling titles provided a comprehensive introduction to the theory and application of Bayesian models. Bayesian Models for Categorical Data continues to build upon this foundation by developing their application to categorical, or discrete data - one of the most common types of data available. The author's clear and logical approach makes the book accessible to a wide range of students and practitioners, including those dealing with categorical data in medicine, sociology, psychology and epidemiology.