Photoshop CS3 for Forensics Professionals: A Complete Digital Imaging Course for Investigators (Paperback)

George Reis

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Digital imaging technology has been used in forensics since at least 1992, yet until now there has been no practical instruction available to address the unique issues of image processing in an everyday forensic environment. Photoshop CS3 for Forensics Professionals serves the everyday, real-world needs of law enforcement and legal personnel dealing with digital images (including both photos and video stills). This book is an excellent tool for:

Law enforcement personnel, from crime scene and arson investigators, detectives, and patrol officers to forensic photographers, fingerprint examiners, video analysts, tool mark and footwear examiners, and criminalists.

Security pros in such fields as private investigation, insurance, fraud detection, and loss prevention.

Scientific and technical users of Photoshop with workflows similar to law enforcement, such as medical photographers, research imaging experts, engineering and architecture staff, and industrial photographers.

Staff responsible for maintaining a photo archive or printing images for court.

Photoshop CS3 for Forensics Professionals is the only book to provide forensics professionals with specific answers to their imaging questions. This is the perfect resource for those who want to move from simple theory to the essential skills needed to be more effective. This resource is dividied into three parts:

Part I: The Essentials is about setting up your workflow, archiving your images, and familiarizing yourself with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge, including the setting up of preferences. Also covered are the best practices in writing reports and providing courtroom testimony.

Part II: The Digital Darkroom teaches how to use Photoshop to accomplish what traditionally was done in the darkroom, from correcting color casts to making prints and exhibits for courtroom use.

Part III: Image Analysis & Enhancement covers techniques for clarifying images so that details can be better viewed and used for analysis or comparison, from contrast enhancement and pattern removal to even forensic video analysis.

The companion CD-ROM provides sample images -- including various accident and crime scenes -- you can use to practice the techniques from the book while following along with the tutorials. It also includes several scripts, plug-ins, and actions so you can work more effectively.

In addition, instructor's materials are available so you can use book in workshops and training seminars.

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Table of Contents


Part I The Essentials.

Chapter 1 Best Practices.

Rules of Evidence.

Case Law.

Four Aspects of Best Practices.

Chapter 2 Reports and Testimony.

Report Writing.

Court Testimony.

Chapter 3 Basic Imaging Settings.

Monitor Calibration.

Photoshop’s Color Settings.

Photoshop Preferences.

Personalizing Workspaces


Chapter 4 Navigating with Bridge.

What Is Bridge?

Downloading and Archiving Digital Images.

Customizing Bridge.


Opening Files in Bridge.

Chapter 5 Camera Raw.

What Is a Raw File?

Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw.

Making Image Adjustments in ACR.

JPEG and TIFF Images in ACR.

Chapter 6 Viewing Metadata.

What Metadata Is.

Entering Metadata.

Metadata in Bridge.

Using Metadata.


Part II The Digital Darkroom.

Chapter 7 Basic Image Adjustments.

Global Adjustments with Levels.

Using Layer Masks for Local Adjustments.

Adjustments with the Shadow/Highlight Feature.

Chapter 8 Printing Images.

Print Overview.

Image Size.

The Print Dialog.

The Print Driver.

Chapter 9 Automating Photoshop through Actions.

Introduction to Actions.

Action Setup.

Creating and Running Actions.

Running Actions.

Saving Actions.

Chapter 10 Contact Sheets.

Using Contact Sheets.

Using Photoshop’s Contact Sheet Feature.

Using the CSX Contact Sheet Script.

Chapter 11 PDF Presentations.

Creating Presentations.

Opening and Viewing PDF Presentations.

Chapter 12 Preparing Court Exhibits.

Using Court Exhibits.

Creating Court.

Chapter 13 Photomerge.

Adjacent or Panoramic Photographs.

Photographing the Scene.

Merging the Images.

Part III Image Analysis and Enhancement.

Chapter 14 Compositing Images.

When to Composite Images.

Photographing the Scene.

Combining the Images.

Chapter 15 Precise Image Sizing.

Viewing Images at the Proper Magnification.

Getting the Greatest Precision.

Chapter 16 Measuring Objects.

The Importance of Measurements.

Annotating Images.

Measuring Objects.

Chapter 17 Distortion Correction.

The Limits of Distortion Correction.

Correcting Wide-Angle Distortion.

Saving and Reusing Distortion-Correction Settings.

Correcting Perspective Distortion.


Chapter 18 Noise Reduction.

Noise Reduction Methods.

Reduce Noise Filter.

Median Filter.


Chapter 19 Deblurring and Sharpening.

A Variety of Sharpening Tools.

Unsharp Mask.

Smart Sharpen.

Interactive Deblur Using Ocean Systems ClearID.


Chapter 20 Contrast Enhancement.

Global Adjustments.

Using Layer Masks for Local Adjustments.

Chapter 21 Color Isolation.

Separating Color Channels.

Channel Mixer.


Chapter 22 Pattern Removal.

Using the ClearID Pattern Remover.

Using the ImageJ FFT Filter.

Chapter 23 Forensic Video Analysis.

Demultiplexing in Bridge.

Deinterlacing Video.

Field Alignment.

Field Level Advance in Photoshop.

Frame Averaging .

Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction.

Chapter 24 Additional Features.

Match Zoom And Location.

Web Photo Gallery.

Merge To HDR.


Tool Presets.

Tonal Inversion.

Layer Blend Modes.