People to People Fundraising: Social Networking and Web 2.0 for Charities

Ted Hart, James M. Greenfield, Sheeraz D. Haji

  • 出版商: Wiley
  • 出版日期: 2007-12-21
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 288
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 0470120770
  • ISBN-13: 9780470120774
  • 相關分類: 行銷/網路行銷 Marketing
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Praise for People to People Fundraising

"All organizations, whether commercial or charitable, will need to know the valuable information in this book."—Arthur A. Bushkin, Chairman & CEO, Stargazer Foundation

"A timely, thoughtful guide to the urgent importance of social media to nonprofits from leading practitioners around the world. Full of case studies and practical advice, it will help you translate Web 2.0 into Fundraising 2.0 and beyond."
—Howard Lake, UK Fundraising

"This book shatters the notion that Internet fundraising and traditional donor development are not compatible. People to People Fundraising is the future of fundraising. —Stephen C. Nill, JD, founder and CEO, CharityChannel

Cutting-edge strategies, data, and techniques

from the world's foremost ePhilanthropy experts

Giving donors the chance to participate in and contribute to the success of a charity beyond the online gift is proving to be successful for many nonprofits. Find out how to make the most of your online fundraisingefforts with the expert advice found in People to People Fundraising: Social Networking and Web 2.0 for Charities.

Featuring a Foreword by James Austin of Harvard University, this hands-on guide is filled with creative ideas, techniques, and suggestions to help readers harness the power of social networking for your charity, including:

  • Getting supporters to do more than give

  • Evaluating your Web site

  • Blogs — an important development in fundraising

  • The power of celebrity in building communities

  • How to leverage an individual supporter's social network

  • Online marketing to ethnic and special interest communities

  • How to influence single-gift Web donors to become monthly donors

  • The opportunities and challenges of multi-channel marketing

  • Why ePhilanthropy succeeds — seven pillars of e-success

  • Connecting with planned gift donors and prospects

  • Buttons and banners on company Web sites

  • Plus much more!

Based on the authors' decades of combined real-life experiences plus scores of international case studies demonstrating ePhilanthropy success stories from around the world, People to People Fundraising provides a wealth of proven, practical techniques to help you boost your organization's success.

Table of Contents

Foreward by (Dr. James Austin).

Introduction by (Ted Hart).

Section I. Community Building/Advocacy.

Chapter 1. The Changing Nature of Community: Leveraging the Internet to Build Relationships and Expand the Reach of Your Organization By (Steve MacLaughlin ePMT).

The Essence of Community.

Community-Building is Central to Philanthropy.

The Internet Continues to Transform the Nonprofit World.

The Next Major Evolution in ePhilanthropy.

What the Internet Means to Nonprofits.

Online Communities in Action.


Chapter 2. Strategic Donor Relationship Moves Management and the Internet.

By (Bob Carter Ketchum).


Moves Management.

Developing a Moves Strategy.

Effective Communication.


Chapter 3. Advocacy 2.0: Leveraging Social Networking to Further Your Organization's Mission By (Sheeraz Haji Convio, Inc., Emma Zolbrod Independent Marketing Consultant)

The Changing Landscape of Online Advocacy.

Handing Over the Reins to Your Constituents: The Role of User-Contributed Content and Social Networking in Online Advocacy.

Unforeseen Hurdles and Challenges in Online Advocacy.

Converting Activists to Donors.

Integrating Online Advocacy into Communications Plans.

The Ever Growing Online Toolkit.

Looking Forward.

Chapter 4. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Community Building By (Phil King Artez Interactive, Nicci Noble The Salvation Army).

Creating Communities of Fundraisers, Not Donors.

Getting Your Supporters To Do More Than Give.
Leave Your Office To Find Your Supporters (aka “You Won't Be Their Homepage”).

People Give to People.

The Power of Incentives in Building Communities.

The Power of Celebrity in Building Communities.

Allow Communities To Emerge.

The 45 Percent Effect of Online Communities.

Creating Communities of Interest: Case Study of The Salvation Army Online Red Kettle.

How Do You Look on YouTube?

Conclusion: What Gets Us Excited PK Write here too.

Section II. People-To-People Fundraising.

Chapter 5. Crafting the Marketing Strategy to Make it Happen By (Katya Andresen Network for Good, Bill Strathmann Network for Good).


Putting Personal Fundraising on the Couch.

Putting Personal Fundraising to Work for You.

Chapter 6. Online Tools to Manage Special Events, “A-thons” and Auctions By (Jon Carson cMarket).

The “Old Way” of Managing Events.

The “Old Way” of Hosting Events.

The Role of the Internet in Events Management.

The Providers.

Online Products that Host and Manage Events.

Process Requirements.

Chapter 7. Relationships Take Two: Donor-Centered Stewardship By (Jon Thorsen Kintera, David Lawson Kintera).

But Enough About Me…

Can You Hear Me Now?

Money Changes Everything.

Show Me (More Than) The Money.

Relationship or Relationships?

The Medium and The Message.

Chapter 8. How Individual Supporters Use Online Fundraising Pages to Make a Difference By (Mark Sutton Firstgiving, Inc.).

What is an online fundraising page?

Leverage An Individual Supporter's Social Network.

Leverage The Personal Connection.

It's All About The 'Ask'.

Fundraiser Best Practices.

Matching gifts.

Tapping into the Broader Community.

BLOGS – An Important Development In Fundraising.

Online Communities.

Personal Fundraising Widgets.

Fundraising Catalysts (Ways/Reasons to Use Online Fundraising Pages).

Online Fundraising Best Practices Summary.

Benefits Round-Up.

Section III. Target Audiences.

Chapter 9. Social Networks Meet Social Change: From MySpace to Second Life By (Sarah DiJulio M + R Strategic Services, Marc Ruben M + R Strategic Services).

The Buzz.

The Reality.

The Lingo.

The Drill.

The “How To”.

The Challenges.

A Sampling of Social Networks.

The New Frontier.

Chapter 10. Senior Surfer eGifts By (Charles Schultz Crescendo Interactive, Inc.).

Senior Surfers Catch the Internet Wave.

What do Senior Surfers Expect?

Senior Friendly Websites.

Web Styles for Seniors.

eMarketing System.

Major eGifts Through Professional Advisors.




Milestones For eSuccess.

Why ePhilanthropy Succeeds – Seven Pillars of eSuccess.

Marketing 2010.

Chapter 11. Online Marketing To Ethnic & Other Special Interest Communities

By (Vinay Bhagat Convio, Inc)..


The eCRM Framework: A Strategy For Building Relationships Online.

Emerging Technologies and Techniques.

New Forms of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.

Getting Started.

Concluding Comments.

Section IV. Integration Strategies.

Chapter 12. Integration of Email, Interactive Web-Based Survey Tools, Online Research, Data Analysis and Direct Marketing By (Mark Connors Amergent).


Becoming “Donor-Centric” – Understanding Your Supporters and Their View of Your Organization.

Take a Look in the Mirror.

Breaking Down Organizational Silos.

So, Does Your Organization Have a Plan?

Mining Your Database.

Make the Most of the Data You Already Have.

Collect the Right Type and Amount of Data in the Online World.

Look at Your Existing Data Through a Different Lens.

Multi-Channel Marketing – Opportunities and Challenges.

Using Mail to Drive Online Activity.

Using e-Mail and Online tools to Bolster Direct Mail Results.

Using Print and General Advertising to Increase both Offline and Online Response.

Using Online Tools to Spur Interest in and Supplement Offline Activity.

An Example of Online/Offline Integration in a Campaign Execution.


Chapter 13. How the Telephone and The Internet are Beautiful Partners for People-to-People Fundraising By (Mike Johnston Hewitt and Johnston Consultants).

The Hormonal Advantage Of The Telephone Over The Internet In Fundraising.

Integrating the Phone with Online Pledge Events.

Using the Phone to Acquire or Renew Memberships from Web Based Lists.

Using the Phone to Motivate Online Activists to Become Donors.

Using the Telephone to Motivate Single Gift Web Donors to Become Monthly Donors.

Expert Tips for Using the Phone and Online Tools Together.


Chapter 14. The Web of Integration: Fully Integrated Fundraising Campaigns By (Ryann Miller Hewitt and Johnston Consultants, Patricia MacArthur Hewitt and Johnston Consultants).

How to Avoid Errors and Plan Thoughtfully.

The Case Study: CHF.

Buttons and Banners on Company Websites.

Integration as an Organizational Philosophy.

Online and Offline Integration.

Lifecycle Integration.

Donor Relationship Integration.


Chapter 15. Your Organization in the Donor's Pocket By (Marcelo Iñarra Iraegui International Consultant).

What happened with the third-sector social organizations worldwide?

One More Wish To Ask The Genie.





「所有組織,無論是商業還是慈善機構,都需要了解這本書中寶貴的資訊。」- Arthur A. Bushkin,Stargazer Foundation主席兼首席執行官

「這本書是一本及時而深思熟慮的指南,介紹了社交媒體對非營利組織的迫切重要性,充滿了案例研究和實用建議,將幫助您將Web 2.0轉化為募款2.0及更高層次。」- Howard Lake,英國募款專家

「這本書打破了互聯網募款和傳統捐助者發展不相容的觀念。《人與人募款》是募款的未來。」- Stephen C. Nill,CharityChannel創始人兼首席執行官



讓捐助者有機會參與和貢獻慈善機構的成功,超越網上捐贈,對許多非營利組織來說都是成功的。在《人與人募款:社交網絡和Web 2.0對慈善機構的影響》這本專家建議的書中,了解如何充分利用您的網上募款努力。

這本實用指南由哈佛大學的詹姆斯·奧斯汀(James Austin)撰寫前言,充滿了創意思路、技巧和建議,幫助您最大限度地利用網上募款。