Professional XNA Game Programming: For Xbox 360 and Windows

Benjamin Nitschke

  • 出版商: Wrox Press
  • 出版日期: 2007-04-30
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 504
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0470126779
  • ISBN-13: 9780470126776
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* With Microsoft's free XNA Game Studio Express (XNA GSE), programmers can finally write their very own games for the Xbox 360 platform as well as Windows, and this exciting guide shows them how
* Written by a professional game developer and Microsoft DirectX MVP, this unique book feeds the appetite of an audience that is hungry to get started building bleeding-edge 3D games for Xbox 360
* Explains all the tools and libraries that are needed to build full-fledged games using the C# programming language
* Discusses how developers can join the XNA Creator's Club ($99/year) and share their games on Xbox 360 with other members of the Club


Table of Contents

1. Introducing XNA.

2. Creating Your First Game: Pong.

3. Helper Classes.

4. Game Components.

5. Writing Your Own XNA Graphics Engine.

6. Shader Management.

7. Realism Through Normal Mapping.

8. Post-Screen Shaders and the Rocket Commander Game.

9. Adding Sound with XACT.

10. Player Input and the User Interface.

11. Creating XNA Shooter. Racing Game

12. Generating Landscapes and Tracks.

13. Physics.

14. Fine-Tuning and "Modding" the Racing Game.

Appendix A. References.



使用Microsoft的免費XNA Game Studio Express(XNA GSE),程式設計師終於可以為Xbox 360平台和Windows撰寫自己的遊戲,這本令人興奮的指南向他們展示如何做到這一點。本書由專業遊戲開發人員和Microsoft DirectX MVP撰寫,滿足了那些渴望開始建立尖端3D遊戲的讀者的需求。它解釋了使用C#編程語言構建完整遊戲所需的所有工具和庫。還討論了開發人員如何加入XNA Creator's Club(每年99美元)並與俱樂部的其他成員分享他們的遊戲。

1. 介紹XNA。
2. 創建你的第一個遊戲:乒乓球。
3. 輔助類。
4. 遊戲組件。
5. 編寫自己的XNA圖形引擎。
6. 着色器管理。
7. 通過法線貼圖實現真實感。
8. 屏幕後處理着色器和火箭指揮官遊戲。
9. 使用XACT添加聲音。
10. 玩家輸入和用戶界面。
11. 創建XNA射擊遊戲和賽車遊戲。
12. 生成地形和賽道。
13. 物理。
14. 微調和“Modding”賽車遊戲。
附錄A. 參考資料。