Cellular Automata: A Discrete View of the World (Hardcover)

Joel L. Schiff

  • 出版商: Wiley
  • 出版日期: 2007-12-01
  • 定價: $4,650
  • 售價: 8.5$3,953
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 272
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 047016879X
  • ISBN-13: 9780470168790
  • 相關分類: 物理學 Physics經濟學 Economy
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An accessible and multidisciplinaryintroduction to cellular automata

As the applicability of cellular automata broadens and technology advances, there is a need for a concise, yet thorough, resource that lays the foundation of key cellularautomata rules and applications. In recent years, Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science has brought the modeling power that lies in cellular automata to the attentionof the scientific world, and now, Cellular Automata: A Discrete View of the World presents all the depth, analysis, and applicability of the classic Wolfram text in a straightforward, introductory manner. This book offers an introduction to cellular automata as a constructive method for modeling complex systems where patterns of self-organization arising from simple rules are revealed in phenomena that exist across a wide array of subject areas, including mathematics, physics, economics, and the social sciences.

The book begins with a preliminary introduction to cellular automata, including a brief history of the topic along with coverage of sub-topics such as randomness, dimension, information, entropy, and fractals. The author then provides a complete discussion of dynamical systems and chaos due to their close connection with cellular automata and includes chapters that focus exclusively on one- and two-dimensional cellular automata. The next and most fascinating area of discussion is the application of these types of cellular automata in order to understand the complex behavior that occurs in natural phenomena. Finally, the continually evolving topic of complexity is discussed with a focus on how to properly define, identify, and marvel at its manifestations in various environments.

The author's focus on the most important principles of cellular automata, combined with his ability to present complex material in an easy-to-follow style, makes this book a very approachable and inclusive source for understanding the concepts and applications of cellular automata. The highly visual nature of the subject is accented with over 200 illustrations, including an eight-page color insert, which provide vivid representations of the cellular automata under discussion. Readers also have the opportunity to follow and understand the models depicted throughout the text and create their own cellular automata using Java applets and simple computer code, which are available via the book's FTP site. This book serves as a valuable resource for undergraduate and graduate students in the physical, biological, and social sciences and may also be of interest to any reader with a scientific or basic mathematical background.



隨著細胞自動機的應用範圍擴大和技術進步,需要一本簡潔而全面的資源,以奠定關鍵細胞自動機規則和應用的基礎。近年來,Stephen Wolfram的《新科學的一種新類型》將細胞自動機的建模能力引起了科學界的關注,現在,《細胞自動機:世界的離散觀點》以直接且入門的方式呈現了經典Wolfram文本的所有深度、分析和應用。本書作為一種建構性方法,介紹了細胞自動機作為建模複雜系統的方法,其中從簡單規則中顯示出的自組織模式在數學、物理、經濟學和社會科學等各個學科領域中存在。


作者專注於細胞自動機的最重要原則,並能夠以易於理解的方式呈現複雜材料,使本書成為理解細胞自動機概念和應用的一個非常易於接近和全面的資源。本書以超過200幅插圖為特色,其中包括一個八頁的彩色插圖,生動地展示了所討論的細胞自動機。讀者還有機會跟隨並理解文本中描繪的模型,並使用Java applets和簡單的電腦代碼創建自己的細胞自動機,這些資源可在本書的FTP網站上獲得。本書對物理、生物和社會科學的本科和研究生學生非常有價值,也可能對具有科學或基礎數學背景的任何讀者感興趣。