Advanced Thermoforming: Methods, Machines and Materials, Applications and Automation (Hardcover)

Sven Engelmann



Introduces the latest innovations in thermoforming materials, processes, and applications

Advanced Thermoforming brings readers fully up to date with the latest standards, processes, materials, and applications in the field. From forming to filling to sealing processes, the author explains everything that can now be accomplished using the most advanced thermoforming technologies available. Moreover, readers learn how to fully leverage these technologies in order to design and manufacture products that meet all specifications at minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

Emphasizing the application of advanced thermoforming for the production of technical parts and packaging, the book:

  • Guides readers through all facets of development, design, and machine and mold technology

  • Recommends new technologies that offer higher productivity, better quality, and lower costs

  • Describes common raw materials used in thermoforming, including how specific materials affect the production process

  • Explains the proper handling of semi-finished products and formed parts

  • Sets forth the basic principles of extrusion, an essential process underlying thermoforming

  • Introduces the latest software techniques to simulate the thermoforming of new products

Throughout the book, readers learn about the latest innovations in thermoforming, from thermoformed automobile body parts to fully automated packaging assembly lines. The author offers valuable content from his interviews with leading industrial thermoformers, sharing insights and tips from their years of hands-on experience with readers.

With Advanced Thermoforming as their guide, polymer and plastics engineering professionals and students can now explore and exploit the full range of possibilities that thermoforming technology offers.



- 引導讀者了解開發、設計、機器和模具技術的各個方面
- 推薦提高生產力、質量和降低成本的新技術
- 描述了熱成型中常用的原材料,包括特定材料對生產過程的影響
- 解釋了半成品和成型件的正確處理方法
- 介紹了熱成型的基本原理,這是熱成型的基礎過程
- 介紹了模擬新產品熱成型的最新軟件技術