Broadband Powerline Communications Networks (Hardcvoer)

Halid Hrasnica, Abdelfatteh Haidine, Ralf Lehnert




Broadband Powerline Communications: Network Design covers the applications of broadband PLC systems in low-voltage supply networks, a promising candidate for the realization of cost effective solutions for "last mile" communications networks. There are many activities surrounding the development and application of PLC technology in the access area, particularly because of strong interest of new network providers after the deregulation of telecommunications market. Nowadays, there are no existing standards for broadband PLC networks, which use a frequency range up to 30 MHz.

This book comprehensively includes relevant and timely information regarding broadband PLC systems and especially PLC access networks and contributions to the design aspects of broadband PLC access systems and their network components.

This book:

  • Offers explanations on how broadband PLC networks are realized, what the important characteristics for the transmission on electrical power grids are, and which implementation solutions have been recently considered for the realization of broadband PLC systems.
  • Considers various system realizations, disturbance scenarios and their impact the transmission in PLC networks, electro-magnetic compatibility, applied modulation schemes, coding, and error handling methods.
  • Pays particular attention to the specifics of the PLC MAC layer and its protocols, as well as the modelling and performance evaluation of broadband PLC networks.

The book is aimed at development and research engineers, network designers and operators, lecturers, as well as students of communications technologies.

Table of Contents:


1. Introduction.

2. PLC in the Telecommunications Access Area.

3. PLC Network Characteristics.

4. Realization of PLC Access Systems.

5. PLC MAC Layer.

6. Performance Evaluation of Reservation MAC Protocols.

Appendix A.




《寬頻電力線通信:網絡設計》涵蓋了寬頻PLC系統在低壓供電網絡中的應用,這是實現“最後一英里”通信網絡成本效益解決方案的有前途的候選方案。在電信市場放鬆管制後,新網絡提供商對PLC技術的開發和應用非常感興趣,因此在接入區域周圍有很多相關活動。目前,尚無關於使用頻率範圍高達30 MHz的寬頻PLC網絡的現有標準。


- 解釋了如何實現寬頻PLC網絡,電力網格傳輸的重要特性是什麼,以及最近考慮用於實現寬頻PLC系統的實現解決方案。
- 考慮了各種系統實現、干擾場景及其對PLC網絡傳輸的影響、電磁兼容性、應用的調制方案、編碼和錯誤處理方法。
- 特別關注PLC MAC層及其協議的特點,以及寬頻PLC網絡的建模和性能評估。


- 前言
- 第1章:簡介
- 第2章:電力線通信在電信接入領域的應用
- 第3章:電力線通信網絡特性
- 第4章:PLC接入系統的實現
- 第5章:PLC MAC層
- 第6章:預約MAC協議的性能評估
- 附錄A
- 參考文獻
- 索引