Multi-Carrier and Spread Spectrum Systems: From OFDM and MC-CDMA to LTE and WiMAX, 2/e (Hardcover)

Khaled Fazel, Stefan Kaiser

  • 出版商: Wiley
  • 出版日期: 2008-11-03
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  • 貴賓價: 9.8$1,372
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 374
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 0470998210
  • ISBN-13: 9780470998212
  • 相關分類: LTE
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The technological progress in multi-carrier (MC) modulation led orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) to become an important part of beyond 3G cellular mobile communication standards, including LTE and WiMAX. In addition, the flexibility offered by the spread spectrum (SS) and time division multiplexing (TDM) techniques motivated many researchers to investigate several MC combined multiple access schemes, such as MC-CDMA, OFDMA and MC-TDMA. These schemes benefit from the advantages of each sub-system and offer high flexibility, high spectral efficiency, simple detection strategies and narrow-band interference rejection capability.

Multi-Carrier and Spread Spectrum Systems is one of the first books to describe and analyze the basic concepts of multi-carrier OFDM transmission and its combination with spread spectrum (MC-CDMA). The different architectures and detection strategies as well as baseband-related transceiver components are explained. This includes topics like FEC channel coding and decoding, modulation and demodulation (IFFT/FFT), digital I/Q-generation, time and frequency synchronisation, channel estimation, frequency domain equalization and RF aspects such as phase noise and non-linearity issues. Concrete examples of its applications for cellular mobile communication systems (B3G/4G) are given. Further derivatives of MC-SS (such as OFDMA, SS-MC-MA and DFT-spread OFDM) and their corresponding applications in the LTE, WiMAX, WLAN and DVB-RCT standards are detailed. Capacity and flexibility enhancements of multi-carrier OFDM systems by different MIMO diversity techniques such as space time/frequency coding (STC, SFC) and software defined radio concepts are also described.

Written in a highly accessible manner this book provides a unique reference on the topics of multi-carrier and spread spectrum communications, assisting 4G engineers with their implementation.

  • Fully updated new edition of successful text, including two new chapters on LTE and WiMAX

  • Describes in detail new applications of OFDM in mobile communication standards

  • Examines all multi-carrier spread spectrum schemes, with in-depth analysis, from theory to practice

  • Introduces the essentials of important wireless standards based on multi-carrier/spread spectrum techniques.
  • 商品描述(中文翻譯)


    《多載波和展頻系統》是第一本描述和分析多載波OFDM傳輸及其與展頻(MC-CDMA)結合的基本概念的書籍之一。該書解釋了不同的架構和檢測策略,以及與基頻相關的收發器組件。其中包括FEC信道編碼和解碼、調製和解調(IFFT / FFT)、數字I / Q生成、時間和頻率同步、信道估計、頻域均衡以及相位噪聲和非線性問題等RF方面的問題。書中還給出了其在蜂窩移動通信系統(B3G / 4G)中的應用實例。詳細介紹了MC-SS的衍生物(如OFDMA、SS-MC-MA和DFT-spread OFDM)及其在LTE、WiMAX、WLAN和DVB-RCT標準中的應用。還描述了軟件定義無線電概念等不同MIMO多樣性技術對多載波OFDM系統的容量和靈活性增強。


    - 完全更新的新版,包括兩個關於LTE和WiMAX的新章節。
    - 詳細描述了OFDM在移動通信標準中的新應用。
    - 從理論到實踐,深入分析了所有多載波展頻方案。
    - 介紹了基於多載波/展頻技術的重要無線標準的基本知識。