Applied Operating System Concepts, Windows XP Update

Abraham Silberschatz, Peter B. Galvin, Greg Gagne

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  • 出版日期: 2002-05-30
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  • ISBN-13: 9780471263142
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Applied Operating Systems Concepts, 1/e Windows XP Update Edition is based on the best selling text Operating System Concepts, 6/e, 2001 by Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Baer Galvin and Greg Gagne. Like OSC, Applied provides a clear description of the concepts that underlie operating systems. One of the key differences is that Java is used to present many of these ideas and included are numerous examples that pertain specifically to popular operating systems such as UNIX, Solaris 2, Windows NT, Mach, the Apple Macintosh OS, IBM's OS/2 and Linux. The 1/e Update Edition offers improved conceptual coverage, added content to bridge the gap between concepts and actual implementations and a new chapter on the newest Operating System to capture the attention of critics, consumers, and industry alike: Windows XP.

The advent of Java technology has given the authors an excellent vehicle to illustrate many of the most important concepts in modern operating systems today. Topics like multitasking, CPU scheduling, process synchronization, deadlock, security, and distributed systems lend themselves very well to demonstrations using Java technology.

Table of Contents

Part I: Overview.

1. Introduction.

2. Computer-System Structures.

3. Operating-System Structures.

Part II: Process Management.

4. Processes.

5. Threads.

6. CPU Scheduling.

7. Process Synchronization.

8. Deadlocks.

Part III: Storage Management.

9. Memory Management.

10. Virtual Memory.

11. File Systems.

12. I/O Systems.

13. Mass-Storage Structure.

Part IV: Distributed Systems.

14. Network Structures.

15. Distributed Communication.

16. Distributed Coordination.

17. Distributed File System.

Part V: Protection and Security.

18. Protection.

19. Security.

Part VI: Case Studies.

20. The UNIX System.

21. The Linux System.

22. Windows NT. Appendix: A Java Primer.




《應用作業系統概念》是基於暢銷書《作業系統概念》(第6版,2001年)的Windows XP更新版,作者是Abraham Silberschatz、Peter Baer Galvin和Greg Gagne。與《作業系統概念》一樣,《應用作業系統概念》清晰地描述了操作系統背後的概念。其中一個關鍵的不同之處在於使用Java來呈現這些概念,並且包含了許多與流行操作系統(如UNIX、Solaris 2、Windows NT、Mach、蘋果Macintosh OS、IBM的OS/2和Linux)相關的示例。更新版提供了更好的概念涵蓋範圍,增加了橋梁概念和實際實現之間的內容,並新增了一章關於最新操作系統Windows XP的章節,以吸引評論家、消費者和業界的注意。




1. 引言。

2. 電腦系統結構。

3. 作業系統結構。


4. 進程。

5. 執行緒。

6. CPU排程。

7. 進程同步。

8. 死鎖。


9. 記憶體管理。

10. 虛擬記憶體。

11. 檔案系統。

12. 輸入/輸出系統。

13. 大容量儲存結構。


14. 網路結構。

15. 分散式通訊。

16. 分散式協調。

17. 分散式檔案系統。


18. 保護。

19. 安全。


20. UNIX系統。

21. Linux系統。

22. Windows NT。附錄:Java入門。