Computer Manual in MATLAB to Accompany Pattern Classification, 2/e (Paperback)

David G. Stork, Elad Yom-Tov

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  • 出版日期: 2004-04-08
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  • ISBN-13: 9780471429777
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A complete MATLAB toolbox to accompany Pattern Classification
Second Edition

Pattern classification is a vital and growing field with applications in such areas as speech recognition, handwriting recognition, computer vision, image analysis, data mining, information retrieval, machine learning and neural networks. Expanding on the MATLAB classification toolbox developed by Elad Yom-Tov at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and tested by hundreds of students and practioners worldwide, Computer Manual in MATLAB to accompany Pattern Classification, Second Edition, serves as both a companion to Pattern Classification, Second Edition, and as a professional software toolbox for researchers in pattern classification and signal processing.

Beginning with an introduction to programming in MATLAB suitable for readers with no such programming experience, this Manual and its accompanying software:

  • Implement all the algorithms described in Pattern Classification, Second Edition
  • Implement important recent algorithms not found in the text
  • Use the same terminology as the text
  • Include representative data sets, including those from the computer exercises in the text
  • Include step-by-step worked examples, including some of the examples and figures in the text
  • Provide self-annotated code so the user can easily navigate, understand, and modify the code
  • Offer priviledged access to an associated Wiley ftp site for downloading all the software, corrections and additions. To access this website, please visit

(Note: Visitors will require a password from the Manual to access.)


Table of Contents:


Chapter 1. Introduction to MATLAB.

Basic Navigation and Interaction.

Scalars, Variables and Basic Arithmetic.

Relational and Logical Operators.

Lists, Vectors and Matrices.

Matrix Multiplication.

Vector and Matrix Norms.

Determinants, Inverses and Pseudoinverses.

Matrix Powers and Exponentials.

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors.

Data Analysis.

Clearing Variables and Functions.

Data Types.

Chapter 2. Programming in MATLAB.



Flow Control.

User Input.


Data, and File Input and Output.


Operations on Strings.

Chapter 3. Classification Toolbox.

Loading the Toolbox and Starting MATLAB.

Graphical User Interface.

Introductory Examples.

GUI Controls.

Creating Your Own Data Files.

Classifying Using the Text-based Interface.

Classifier Comparisons.

How to Add New Algorithms.

Adding a New Feature Selection Algorithm.

List of Functions.

Appendix: Program Descriptions.




一個完整的MATLAB工具箱,用於配合《模式分類》第二版。模式分類是一個重要且不斷發展的領域,應用於語音識別、手寫識別、計算機視覺、圖像分析、數據挖掘、信息檢索、機器學習和神經網絡等領域。《MATLAB計算機手冊》是以以色列理工學院的Elad Yom-Tov開發的MATLAB分類工具箱為基礎,並經過全球數百名學生和專業人士的測試,既是《模式分類》第二版的伴侶書,也是模式分類和信號處理研究人員的專業軟件工具箱。

- 實現《模式分類》第二版中描述的所有算法
- 實現文本中未包含的重要最新算法
- 使用與文本相同的術語
- 包含代表性的數據集,包括文本中的計算機練習數據集
- 包含逐步解析的示例,包括文本中的一些示例和圖片
- 提供自我註釋的代碼,使用戶可以輕鬆瀏覽、理解和修改代碼
- 提供特權訪問相關的Wiley ftp站點,以下載所有軟件、修正和補充。請訪問以訪問該網站。(註:訪客需要手冊中的密碼才能訪問。)

- 前言
- 第1章:MATLAB介紹
- 基本導航和交互
- 标量、變量和基本算術
- 關係和邏輯運算符
- 列表、向量和矩陣
- 矩陣乘法
- 向量和矩陣範數
- 行列式、逆和伪逆
- 矩陣冪和指數
- 特徵值和特徵向量
- 數據分析
- 清除變量和函數
- 數據類型
- 第2章:程式設計