Service Efficient Network Interconnection Via Satellite: TCT Cost Action 253

Y.- F. Hu, Gerard Maral, Erina Ferro

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  • 出版日期: 2002-01-21
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  • 相關分類: 衛星通訊 Satellite-networking
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Where access by terrestrial fibre is not commercially attractive, the use of satellites for the provision of services to remote and less developed regions is recognised as efficient and economical. The EC COST 253 Action was set up to study, define, model and simulate the inter-connection of local area networks through non-geostationary satellites in order to provide globally efficient interactive communication services. Service Efficient Network Interconnection via Satellite provides the results of research activities conducted within the COST 253 framework gathered from European satellite communications experts. Reviews source and traffic models important for the design of network control algorithms

  • Covers transmission aspects including modulation and coding schemes, Doppler frequency shift correction and interference modelling

  • Discusses different network issues including routing strategies taking into account traffic characteristics and geographic variation in traffic intensity, reliability issues, multicast over satellite, and recent development in security aspects of mobile networks and their applications in satellite networks

  • Discusses the technical challenges involved in the implementation of TCP/IP over satellite and the on-going development in mobile IP

  • Evaluates different simulation tools for the characterisation of satellite networks and presents the simulation results for networking performance
      By offering a wealth of material relating to satellite communication systems technologies, Service Efficient Network Interconnection via Satellite will be of tremendous value to researchers, academics and those working within industry.
    • Table of Contents


      A Note from the COST253 Chariman





      1. Introduction

      Evolution of Satellite Communications

      EU Initiatives in Satellite Communications

      Operating Frequency

      Technical Considerations

      Objectives and Activities of COST253

      Outline of Contents

      2. Appropriate Traffic Generators for the Simulation of Services Supported by Non-GEO Constellation

      Source Traffic Parameters and Descriptors

      Quality of Service Parameters

      ATM Service Categories

      Statistical Behaviour of Traffic Sources

      Influences of Traffic Characteristics

      Source Models

      Geographic Traffic Models

      3. Transmission Schemes

      Modulation Techniques

      Coding Techniques


      Catching Co-Channel Interference

      Chapter Summary and Perspectives

      4. Networking

      LAN Interconnection

      Resource Control

      Congestion Control




      Security Infrastructure


      5. Evaluation Tools

      An Overview of Network Simulators

      LeoSim: A Simulator for Routing

      GaliLEO: A Framework for Joint Expertise

      CONSIMTM : A Complementary Tool for Reliability


      SEESAWS: An Ambitious Concept

      6. TCP/IP Over Satellite

      Transmission Control Protocol

      The Effects of Satellite Networks on TCP Performance

      Simulation Analysis

      Fixed - Mobile Convergence

      Further Research and Conclusions




      在商業上不具吸引力的地面光纖無法提供服務的地區,使用衛星為偏遠和較不發達地區提供服務被認為是高效且經濟的。EC COST 253行動計劃旨在研究、定義、建模和模擬通過非地球靜止衛星連接區域網絡,以提供全球高效的互動通信服務。《衛星服務高效網絡互連》提供了在COST 253框架內由歐洲衛星通信專家進行的研究活動的結果。

      - 回顧對於網絡控制算法設計重要的來源和流量模型
      - 包括調製和編碼方案、多普勒頻率偏移校正和干擾建模等傳輸方面的內容
      - 討論不同的網絡問題,包括考慮流量特性和地理流量強度變化的路由策略、可靠性問題、衛星上的組播以及移動網絡安全方面的最新發展及其在衛星網絡中的應用
      - 討論在衛星上實現TCP/IP所涉及的技術挑戰以及移動IP的持續發展
      - 評估用於衛星網絡特性建模的不同模擬工具並呈現網絡性能的模擬結果


      - 前言
      - COST253主席的一封信
      - 縮寫詞
      - 圖表
      - 貢獻者
      - 1. 簡介
      - 衛星通信的演進
      - 歐盟衛星通信倡議
      - 運營頻率
      - 技術考慮因素
      - COST253的目標和活動
      - 內容概述
      - 2. 適用於非地球靜止衛星模擬服務的流量生成器
      - 來源流量參數和描述符
      - 服務質量參數
      - ATM服務類別
      - 流量源的統計行為
      - 流量特性的影響
      - 來源模型
      - 地理流量模型
      - 3. 傳輸方案
      - 調製技術
      - 編碼技術
      - 同步
      - 捕捉共頻干擾
      - 章節總結和展望
      - 4. 網絡
      - 區域網絡互連
      - 資源控制
      - 擁塞控制
      - 組播
      - 可靠性
      - 安全性
      - 安全基礎設施
      - 結論
      - 5. 評估工具
      - 網絡模擬器概述
      - LeoSim: 一個路由模擬器
      - GaliLEO: 一個聯合專業框架
      - CONSIMTM: 一個可靠性補充工具
      - AristoteLEO
      - SEESAWS: 一個雄心勃勃的概念
      - 6. 衛星上的TCP/IP
      - 傳輸控制協議
      - 衛星網絡對TCP性能的影響
      - 模擬分析
      - 固定-移動融合
      - 進一步研究和結論
      - 附錄
      - 索引