Open Process Frameworks: Patterns for the Adaptive e-Enterprise (Paperback)

David A. Marca




Praise for Open Process Frameworks

"From a customer experience standpoint, this conceptual approach to business design is a winner!"
-Patricia Seybold, coauthor of and The Customer Revolution

"Marca illustrates . . . how the Internet can be used to create adaptive enterprises that dynamically change their processes, their rules, and their workers as their needs continually change. This book gives an enlightening glimpse of dramatic business opportunities now open to us."
-Tom Malone, PhD, Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

"Marca's Open Process Frameworks presents the essential business architecture to enable corporate adaptability in the twenty-first century . . . Every executive, manager, architect, process engineer, and project manager in every company should read this book."
-Bill Welch, Vice President of Administration, CDI Corporation

"Regardless of where you may be in the evolution of the technology approach Marca describes, you will find this book useful. It gives us a glimpse into how technology will affect the way we all do business in the current e-Age."
-Sam Rossa, Senior Vice President of Sales, Tandem Staffing Solutions, Incorporated

"Marca provides a directive . . . for how an organization can capture, adapt, control, and measure its business processes. This strikes me as doing e-business the right way."
-Clement McGowan, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Mitretek Systems, Incorporated

"Marca leverages the concept of Open Systems to develop the concept of Open Process . . . to describe how a company operates in terms of building blocks which support adaptable and optimized Internet-based solutions."
-Matt Yuschik, PhD, Mike Vannata, PhD, Jim Kilmurray, PhD, The University of Phoenix

"Marca captures the essence and magnitude of our managed staffing program at Siemens Westinghouse. Using these frameworks, Marca designed an effective solution for us, which meant the difference between success and failure for our $100 million program."
-Dave Smith, Department Head, Indirect Supply Management, America, Siemens Westinghouse

"In my nearly forty years of supply chain dynamics in the intangible fields of service and contract labor, I never thought I would see the day of what Marca helped bring together for our contract labor management program."
-Jim Stellhorn, Senior Procurement Specialist, Siemens Westinghouse

A key resource for e-business success

Written from the standpoint of business adaptability and durability, this unique resource offers proven principles for successful e-business, e-process, and e-commerce applications and projects. Marca shares with us the principles that have most helped his customers create substantial value, return-on-investment, and end-customer benefits.

This guidebook explains how to use the Internet to greatly improve business processes and complex supply chains. It shows process engineers how to translate business processes into Web pages and then link those Web pages to e-commerce applications. It also gives software designers proven methods for developing e-business and e-commerce applications. And it provides project managers with valuable heuristics for realizing successful e-business and e-commerce initiatives.

A comprehensive and accessible guide that brings together concept, architecture, technology, and implementation in real-world terms, Open Process Frameworks is a cutting-edge resource for today's e-business and its underpinnings.


Table of Contents:




Using this Book.

Reading the Case Study.


1. Business Adaptability.

2. Enterprise-wide Solutions.

3. Multi-Tier Supply Chain.

4. Internet Business Model.


5. Adaptable Technology.

6. Internet Usage Metaphor.

7. Internet-based Process.

8. Open Process Architecture.


9. Business Architecture.

10. Process Architecture.

11. Software Architecture.

12. Data Architecture.

13. Management Framework.

14. Project Management.

15. Implementation Management.

16. Team Management.

Appendix A: Case Study Background.

Appendix B: Open Process Example.

About the Author.




「從客戶體驗的角度來看,這種商業設計的概念方法是一個贏家!」- Patricia Seybold,《》和《The Customer Revolution》合著者

「Marca說明了……如何利用互聯網創建能夠根據需求不斷變化的適應性企業。這本書為我們展示了當前我們所面臨的戲劇性商業機遇。」- Tom Malone,麻省理工學院斯隆管理學院Patrick J. McGovern教授

「Marca的《開放流程框架》提供了二十一世紀實現企業適應性所需的基本商業架構……每個公司的執行官、經理、架構師、流程工程師和項目經理都應該閱讀這本書。」- Bill Welch,CDI Corporation行政副總裁

「無論您在Marca描述的技術方法演進中處於何種階段,您都會發現這本書很有用。它讓我們一窺技術將如何影響我們在當前電子時代的商業運作方式。」- Sam Rossa,Tandem Staffing Solutions公司高級副總裁

「Marca提供了一個指引……描述了一個組織如何捕捉、適應、控制和衡量其業務流程。這讓我覺得這是正確的電子商務方式。」- Clement McGowan,Mitretek Systems公司高級首席科學家

「Marca利用開放系統的概念發展了開放流程的概念……描述了一家公司在支持可適應和優化的基於互聯網的解決方案的構建塊方面的運作方式。」- Matt Yuschik、Mike Vannata、Jim Kilmurray,《鳳凰城大學》

「Marca捕捉了西門子西屋管理人員供應計劃的本質和重要性。利用這些框架,Marca為我們設計了一個有效的解決方案,這對我們1億美元的計劃的成功與否起到了關鍵作用。」- Dave Smith,西門子西屋公司美洲間接供應管理部門主管

「在我近40年的服務和合同勞動力領域的供應鏈動態中,我從未想到會有一天出現Marca幫助我們為我們的合同勞動力管理計劃所帶來的情況。」- Jim Stellhorn,西門子西屋公司高級採購專家