One-and-Multidimensional Signal Processing: Algorithms and Applications in Image Processing

Hartmut; Blume, Holger Schroder




With the constant increase in applications involving image processing and multimedia procedures digital signal processing (DSP) is important for modern information engineering. One- and Multidimensional Signal Processing provides an introduction to the algorithmic basics of image and TV communication systems as well as for systems in automation and robotic applications using sensor based imaging techniques. This novel combination of both one- and multidimensional signal processing discusses the similarities between the two and aids the understanding of one theory over the other.

  • Presents an applications-oriented approach to image processing including TV signal processing and discusses image scanning and the use of DSP procedures or digital filters
  • Provides clear and comprehensive coverage of basic concepts such as spatial frequency, spatio-temporal signal processing and the spectral representation of motion and tracking of moving objects
  • Features examples of applications including image pick-up and display as well as still image filtering and image sequence interpolation
  • Introduces new design strategies for finite-impulse response (FIR) filters for image processing applciations using spatial and frequency design constraints
  • Includes an introduction to nonlinear image processing techniques applying edge detection operators, morphological operators and rank order filters

Such a practical book will have wide-ranging appeal as a valuable resource for researchers and developers and as an ideal introductory text for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Table of Contents:




Multidimensional Signals and Systems.

Spatio-Temporal Scanning of Multidimensional Signals.

Discrete Signals and Linear Systems.

Elementary Filter Structures and the z-Tranform.

Discrete Fourier Transform.

Design of IIR Filters.

Characteristics and Design of FIR Filters.

Characteristics and Design of 2D FIR Filters for Video Signal Processing.

Operators for Image Processing.

Rank Order Filters.