Algorithms for VLSI Design Automation (Paperback)

Sabih H. Gerez





Very large scale integrated (VLSI) circuits nowadays contain many millions of components, and cannot be designed without the aid of design automation tools. This book provides an insight into the algorithms used inside these computer-aided design (CAD) tools, and will be a good starting point for designers who want to specialize in building CAD tools themselves. Highlights of the book include:
  • Special attention to background knowledge from mathematics and computer science: graph theory, complexity of algorithms, and general-purpose methods for combinatorial optimization
  • About 50 algorithms (from graph theory, layout design, simulation, logic synthesis and high-level synthesis) presented in depth by means of pseudo-code and step-by-step examples
It will be an ideal text for students in Computer Science or Electronic Engineering taking VLSI design automation courses, and for chip designers or programmers in industry developing CAD tools.