Introduction to Digital Image Processing with MATLAB

Alasdair McAndrew




This book is an introduction to digital image processing from an elementary perspective. Providing a broad introduction to the discipline, the book covers topics that can be introduced with simple mathematics so students can learn the concepts without getting overwhelmed by mathematical detail. The first three chapters set the scene for much of the rest of the book by exploring the nature and use of digital images and how they can be obtained, stored, and displayed. By using MATLAB and its Image Processing Toolbox, students will be able to apply the theory they have learned into practice.


Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Images and MATLAB
3. Image Display
4. Point Processing
5. Neighborhood Processing
6. Image Geometry
7. The Fourier Transform
8. Image Restoration
9. Image Segmentation
10. Mathematical Morphology
11. Image Topology
12. Shapes and Boundaries
13. Color Processing
14. Image Coding and Compression
15. Wavelets
16. Special Effects