Practical VoIP Using VOCAL (Paperback)

David Kelly, Cullen Jennings, Luan Dang

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  • 出版日期: 2002-07-30
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While many books describe the theory behind Voice over IP, only Practical VoIP Using VOCAL describes how such a phone system was actually built, and how you too can acquire the source code, install it onto a system, connect phones, and make calls.

VOCAL (the Vovida Open Communication Application Library) is an open source software project that provides call control, routing, media, policy, billing information and provisioning on a system that can range from a single box in a lab with a few test phones to a large, multi-host carrier grade network supporting hundreds of thousands of users. VOCAL is freely available from the Cisco Systems-sponsored community web site (

A Silicon Valley start-up called Vovida Networks, Inc (think of VOice, VIdeo, DAta) created VOCAL and invested over one hundred man years into its development. Since Cisco acquired Vovida in 2000, individuals representing every significant telecom company and service provider in the world have downloaded the source code. Today, more and more people are successfully building VOCAL into professional solutions, while contributing fixes and new functionality back to

Because VOCAL is open source, you can look "under the hood" to the base code and protocol stack levels and discover not only how the system works, but also how common problems are being worked out in the development environment. We're hoping that you will be inspired to take this system to another level by implementing a feature or functionality that no one has thought of before.

Written by a team from Vovida Networks, Practical VoIP Using VOCAL includes the following topics:

  • Installing and configuring VOCAL 1.4.0 onto a single host and onto a multi-host network with phones and gateways
  • C++, C and Java architecture found within VOCAL
  • Provisioning a VoIP system
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), SDP (Session Description Protocol) and RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) for call control and media
  • TRIP (Telephony Routing over IP), DNS SRV and ENUM for routing
  • MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) and H.323 for call control and translation into SIP
  • COPS (Common Open Policy Service), OSP (Open Settlement Protocol) and RSVP (Reservation Protocol) for policy and Quality of Service
  • RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) for interfacing with billing servers
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

If you're interested in VoIP, this is the only book available that focuses on the real issues facing programmers and administrators who need to work with these technologies.

Table of Contents


1. VOCAL: Say, What?

2. Setting Up a Phone System at Home

3. Setting Up an Internal Trial System

4. Provisioning Users

5. Configuring System Parameters and Dial Plans

6. Provisioning Servers

7. Session Initiation Protocol and Related Protocols

8. Vovida SIP Stack

9. Base Code

10. VOCAL User Agent

11. SIP Proxy: Marshal Server

12. Redirect Server

13. CPL Feature Server

14. Unified Voice Mail Server

15. MGCP Translator

16. H.323 Translator

17. System Monitoring

18. Quality of Service and Billing

19. Provisioning

A. VOCAL SIP UA Configuration File

B. Testing Tools





一家名為Vovida Networks的矽谷初創公司(想象一下VOice,VIdeo,DAta)創建了VOCAL並投入了超過一百人年的開發。自從思科在2000年收購了Vovida以來,代表世界上每家重要的電信公司和服務提供商的個人都下載了源代碼。如今,越來越多的人成功地將VOCAL構建成專業解決方案,同時向Vovida.org貢獻修復和新功能。

由Vovida Networks團隊撰寫的《實用的VOCAL語音IP》包括以下主題:

- 將VOCAL 1.4.0安裝和配置到單個主機和帶有電話和網關的多主機網絡
- VOCAL中的C++、C和Java架構
- 語音IP系統的配置
- 用於呼叫控制和媒體的SIP(會話初始化協議)、SDP(會話描述協議)和RTP(實時傳輸協議)
- 用於路由的TRIP(IP上的電話路由)、DNS SRV和ENUM
- 用於呼叫控制和轉換為SIP的MGCP(媒體網關控制協議)和H.323
- 用於策略和服務質量的COPS(通用開放策略服務)、OSP(開放結算協議)和RSVP(預訂協議)
- 用於與計費服務器接口的RADIUS(遠程身份驗證撥入用戶服務)
- 簡單網絡管理協議(SNMP)



- 前言
- 第1章:VOCAL:說出來是什麼?
- 第2章:在家中建立電話系統
- 第3章:建立內部試用系統
- 第4章:配置用戶
- 第5章:配置系統參數和撥號計劃
- 第6章:配置服務器
- 第7章:會話初始化協議及相關協議
- 第8章:Vovida SIP堆棧
- 第9章:基本代碼
- 第10章:VOCAL用戶代理
- 第11章:SIP代理:Marshal服務器
- 第12章:重定向服務器
- 第13章:CPL功能服務器
- 第14章:統一語音郵件服務器
- 第15章:MGCP翻譯器
- 第16章:H.323翻譯器
- 第17章:系統監控
- 第18章:服務質量和計費
- 第19章:配置
- 附錄A:VOCAL SIP UA配置文件
- 附錄B:測試工具
- 索引