XML in a Nutshell, 2/e

Elliotte Rusty Harold, W. Scott Means

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  • 出版日期: 2002-06-15
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  • ISBN-13: 9780596002923
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This powerful new edition provides developers with a comprehensive guide to the rapidly evolving XML space. Serious users of XML will find topics on just about everything they need, from fundamental syntax rules, to details of DTD and XML Schema creation, to XSLT transformations, to APIs used for processing XML documents. Simply put, this is the only reference of its kind among XML books.

Whether you're a Web designer using SVG to add vector graphics to web pages, or a C++ programmer using SOAP to serialize objects into a remote database, XML in a Nutshell thoroughly explains the basic rules that all XML documents -- and all XML document creators -- must adhere to, including:

  • Essentials of the core XML standards: With this book, you can develop an understanding of well-formed XML, DTDs, namespaces, Unicode, and W3C XML Schema quickly.

  • Key technologies used mainly for narrative XML documents such as web pages, books, and articles: You'll gain a working knowledge of XSLT, Xpath, Xlink, Xpointer, CSS, and XSL-FO.
  • Technologies for building data-intensive XML applications, and for processing XML documents of any kind: One of the most unexpected developments in XML has been its enthusiastic adoption for structured documents used for storing, and exchanging used by a wide variety of programs. This book will help you understand the tools and APIs needed to write software that processes XML, including the event-based Simple API for XML (SAX2) and the tree-oriented Document Object Model (DOM).

Quick-reference chapters also detail syntax rules and usage examples for the core XML technologies, including XML, DTDs, Xpath, XSLT, SAX, and DOM. If you need explanation of how a technology works, or just need to quickly find the precise syntax for a particular piece, this up-to-date edition is ready with the information.

XML in a Nutshell is an essential guide for developers who need to create XML-based file formats and data structures for use in XML documents. This is one book you'll want to close at hand as you delve into XML.

Table of Contents


I. XML Concepts

1. Introducing XML

2. XML Fundamentals

3. Document Type Definitions (DTDs)

4. Namespaces

5. Internationalization

II. Narrative-Centric Documents

6. XML as a Document Format

7. XML on the Web

8. XSL Transformations (XSLT)

9. XPath

10. XLinks

11. XPointers

12. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

13. XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO)

14. Resource Directory Description Language (RDDL)

III. Data-Centric XML

15. XML as a Data Format

16. XML Schemas

17. Programming Models

18. Document Object Model (DOM)

19. Simple API for XML (SAX)

IV. Reference

20. XML 1.0 Reference

21. Schemas Reference

22. XPath Reference

23. XSLT Reference

24. DOM Reference

25. SAX Reference

26. Character Sets