Computer Science & Perl Programming: Best of TPJ (Paperback)

Jon Orwant

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With well over a million users, Perl is one of the most popular programming languages. There are many reasons for this, but among those cited by its most loyal adherents, Perl has more features than other languages and more publicly available utilities than all other programming languages combined. Simply knowing what's out there is a daunting task, which is why so much of Perl programming is a matter of lore passed down from experts to novices.

Computer Science & Perl Programming: Best of The Perl Journal is the first of three volumes from the archives of The Perl Journal that O'Reilly has exclusive rights to distribute. This book is a compilation of the best TPJ has to offer: 71 articles providing a comprehensive tour of how experts implement computer science concepts in the real world, with code walkthroughs, case studies, and explanations of difficult techniques that can't be found in any other book.

This insightful volume covers:

  • tips for beginners

  • regular expressions

  • data structures

  • networking

  • databases

  • software development processes

  • object-oriented programming

  • advanced Perl programming techniques

Typically, TPJ articles cover topics that Perl programmers need to know in about 5000 words -- too long for a web page, too short for a book. With articles on object-oriented programming, closures, regular expressions, buffering, parsing, using other languages from Perl, sending and filtering mail programmatically, working with Microsoft Office programs, DNS, the internals of Perl, and over four dozen other topics, this compendium constitutes a grab bag of topics that keep Perl programmers up at night.

Other volumes in our TPJ archive series include Web, Graphics & Perl/Tk Programming and [the third one]. Together, this collection is an invaluable addition to any resource library on Perl.