Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, 2/e

Danny Goodman

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  • 出版日期: 2002-09-15
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If you're a web developer today, you need to keep track of an enormous amount of information. In particular, you need to know the details about a variety of web specifications and their implementation in the latest versions of the popular browsers. Rather than try to remember all of these details or juggle dozens of reference books covering everything from CSS to JavaScript, you can have all the information at your fingertips with the newly revised Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference.

A favorite of web content developers since its first release, this book is an indispensable compendium for web development. Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, 2nd Edition, contains everything you'll need in order to create functional cross-platform web applications. The new edition has been updated to cover the latest specifications, including HTML 4.01, CSS Level 2, DOM Level 2, and JavaScript 1.5, as well as the latest browsers, Internet Explorer 6 (Windows), Internet Explorer 5.1 (Mac), Netscape Navigator 6 and 7, and Mozilla 1.0. You'll learn how these standards and technologies relate to one another and how the creation of Dynamic HTML content relies on these four technologies. The book includes:

  • A complete reference for all of the HTML tags, CSS style attributes, document object model attributes, methods, and event handlers, and core JavaScript objects supported by the various standards and the latest versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer.

  • Handy cross-referenced indexes that make it easy to find interrelated HTML tags, style attributes, and document object model methods, attributes, and event handlers.

  • An advanced introduction to creating dynamic web content that addresses the cross-platform compromises inherent in web page design today and encourages developers to adopt the W3C standards.

If you have experience with basic web page creation, but are new to the world of dynamic content, Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference will jump-start your development efforts. If you're an experienced Web programmer, you'll find the browser-compatibility information invaluable. This book is the only DHTML reference a web developer needs.

Table of Contents


Part I. Applying Dynamic HTML

1. The State of the Art

2. Cross-Platform Compromises

3. Adding Style Sheets to Documents

4. Adding Dynamic Positioning to Documents

5. Making Content Dynamic

6. Scripting Events

7. Standardization Trends

Part II. Dynamic HTML Reference

8. HTML and XHTML Reference

9. Document Object Model Reference

10. Event Reference

11. Style Sheet Attribute Reference

12. JavaScript Core Language Reference

Part III. Cross References

13. HTML/XHTML Attribute Index

14. DOM Property Index

15. DOM Method Index

16. DOM Event Handlers Index

Part IV. Appendixes

A. Color Names and RGB Values

B. HTML Character Entities

C. Keyboard Event Character Values

D. Internet Explorer Commands