Perl Pocket Reference, 4/e

Johan Vromans

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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 96
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596003749
  • ISBN-13: 9780596003746
  • 相關分類: Perl 程式語言




The Perl Pocket Reference is an invaluable reference for those who find themselves frequently searching for a quick answer to a question or reminder of a syntax rule. This handy, well-organized quick reference condenses stacks of Perl documentation down to the most essential at-your-fingertips facts. For ease-of-use, convenience, and price, this little reference is the first place Perl programmers look when they need an answer quickly.

The Perl Pocket Referenc provides a complete overview of the Perl programming language, all packed into a convenient, carry-around booklet. It is updated for Perl 5.8, and covers a summary of Perl syntax rules, a complete list of operators, built-in functions, and standard library modules, all with brief descriptions. Also included are the newest Perl features, such as enhanced regular expressions, multithreading, the Perl compiler, and Unicode support.

The Perl Pocket Reference, 4th Edition, is the perfect companion to the authoritative books on Perl published by O'Reilly & Associates: Programming Perl, Learning Perl, and the Perl Cookbook. This pocket reference will never make it to the bookshelf--dog-eared and well worn, it will remain within arms reach of the keyboard or tucked in a back pocket, where it will be referred to on a daily basis.

Table of Contents

Command-Line Options
Embedded Documentation
Data Types
Quotes and Interpolation
Literal Values
Operators and Precedence
Packages and Modules
Pragmatic Modules
Object-Oriented Programming
Special Classes
Arithmetic Functions
Conversion Functions
Structure Conversion
String Functions
Array and Hash Functions
Regular Expressions
Search and Replace Functions
File Test Operator
File Operations
Input and Output
Formatted Printing
Tying Variables
Directory Reading Routines
System Interaction
System V IPC
Information fromSystemDatabases
Special Variables
Special Arrays
Special Hashes
Environment Variables
Compiler Backends
The Perl Debugger

Appendix A: Standard Modules

Appendix B: Perl Links