Programming C#, 3/e

Jesse Liberty

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The new edition of Programming C# focuses on the features and programming patterns that are new to the C# language and fundamental to the programming of web services and web applications on the .NET platform. Newly updated for version 1.1 of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET 2003, the book features new tips & tricks plus answers to frequently asked questions about C#.

Table of Contents


Part I. The C# Language

1. C# and the .NET Framework
     The .NET Platform
     The .NET Framework
     Compilation and the MSIL
     The C# Language

2. Getting Started: "Hello World"
     Classes, Objects, and Types
     Developing "Hello World"
     Using the Visual Studio .NET Debugger

3. C# Language Fundamentals
     Variables and Constants
     Preprocessor Directives

4. Classes and Objects
     Defining Classes
     Creating Objects
     Using Static Members
     Destroying Objects
     Passing Parameters
     Overloading Methods and Constructors
     Encapsulating Data with Properties
     readonly Fields

5. Inheritance and Polymorphism
     Specialization and Generalization
     Abstract Classes
     The Root of All Classes: Object
     Boxing and Unboxing Types
     Nesting Classes

6. Operator Overloading
     Using the operator Keyword
     Supporting Other .NET Languages
     Creating Useful Operators
     Logical Pairs
     The Equals Operator
     Conversion Operators

7. Structs
     Defining Structs
     Creating Structs

8. Interfaces
     Implementing an Interface
     Accessing Interface Methods
     Overriding Interface Implementations
     Explicit Interface Implementation

9. Arrays, Indexers, and Collections
     The foreach Statement
     Collection Interfaces
     Array Lists

10. Strings and Regular Expressions
     Regular Expressions

11. Handling Exceptions
     Throwing and Catching Exceptions
     Exception Objects
     Custom Exceptions
     Rethrowing Exceptions

12. Delegates and Events
     Retrieving Values from Multicast Delegates

Part II. Programming with C#

13. Building Windows Applications
     Creating a Simple Windows Form
     Creating a Windows Forms Application
     XML Documentation Comments
     Deploying an Application

14. Accessing Data with ADO.NET
     Relational Databases and SQL
     The ADO.NET Object Model
     Getting Started with ADO.NET
     Using OLE DB Managed Providers
     Working with Data-Bound Controls
     Changing Database Records
     ADO.NET and XML

15. Programming Web Forms and Web Services
     Understanding Web Forms
     Creating a Web Form
     Adding Controls
     Data Binding
     Responding to Postback Events
     Web Services
     SOAP, WSDL, and Discovery
     Building a Web Service
     Creating the Proxy

16. Putting It All Together
     The Overall Design
     The Screen-Scraper Application
     Displaying the Output
     Creating the Web Services Client
     Searching By Category

Part III. The CLR and t