Inside .Mac

Chuck Toporek

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  • 出版日期: 2004-06-08
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596005016
  • ISBN-13: 9780596005016





Apple's .Mac service (pronounced dot Mac) offers everything Mac OS X users have come to expect: an attractive, intuitive interface and a wealth of features with all the underlying power you'll ever need. .Mac includes web mail, an online contact management system, storage space, a fully customizable web site of your own, and much more. On your first tour of this suite of subscriber-based services, you'll be delighted by how easy and convenient .Mac is to use. But you'll soon discover that there's a lot more to .Mac than meets the eye!

Inside .Mac will help you get the most out of Apple's new Internet services. This handy, quick reference offers a clear overview of the entire .Mac package and many of its not-so-obvious features. You'll learn how to set up and manage your account quickly and without fuss. Each .Mac service is discussed in an objective, no-frills fashion that'll show you how to use--and what to expect from--iDisk, web mail, your personal web site, and everything else that .Mac offers. The book covers:

  • Setting up your .Mac account: a guided tour to getting started with .Mac
  • Using your iDisk: a detailed look at using iDisk, its directories, the iDisk utility and more
  • Mac Software: a look at what's included in the software directory, including Virex anti-virus software, the Backup utility, Mac Slides Publisher, and third-party software
  • .Mac Email: everything you need to know, on configuring your settings to adding additional email accounts
  • Building a HomePage: an overview of HomePage options that covers uploading files, publishing iPhoto libraries, protecting your site, and publishing and announcing your site
  • Synchronizing Your Mac with .Mac: learn how to set up and sync your Address Book, iCal Calendars, and more using iSync

From enthusiastic new users to hardcore Mac geeks, anyone who uses .Mac will want to get the most from their subscription service. Inside .Mac is the only book that shows you how. There's no better way take control than with this handy guide.

Table of Contents:


Part I. .Mac's Core Services

1. Setting Up Your .Mac Account
     Before You Sign Up
     Your First Stop: System Preferences
     Configuring Mail
     Changing Your .Mac Password
     Setting an iCal Event to Change Your .Mac Password
     Renewing Your .Mac Membership

2. Inside
     Managing Your .Mac Account
     Forget Your Password?
     The .Mac Services Sidebar
     The .Mac Learning Center

3. Using Your iDisk
     The iDisk's Filesystem
     Mounting the iDisk
     iDisk Public Folders
     Unmounting an iDisk
     Mounting an iDisk on a Mac OS 9 System
     The iDisk Utility
     iDisk Synchronization

4. .Mac Mail
     Two Ways to Check Your .Mac Mail
     Using .Mac's Web-Based Mail
     Setting Mail's Preferences
     Working with Mail
     Using the Address Book with .Mac

Part II. Protecting Your Mac

5. Using Virex
     Finding and Installing Virex
     Running Virex
     Scanning Attachments in Mail
     Virus Scanning from the Terminal

6. Using Backup
     What to Back Uup?
     Where to Back Up?
     Backup's Cans and Can'ts
     Finding and Installing Backup
     Using Backup
     Backing Up to an iDisk
     Backing Up to CD or DVD
     Backing Up to a Drive
     Restoring Files from a Backup
     When a Backup Fails

Part III. .Mac and Your Digital Life

7. Building a .Mac HomePage
     Planning Your HomePage
     What You Can't Do with a .Mac HomePage
     What Goes Where on Your iDisk
     HomePage Styles and Themes
     Creating Your Main Page
     Creating a Photo Album Page with iPhoto
     Sharing Files on your HomePage
     Creating an iMovie Page
     Creating a Movie Page with iMovie 4
     Password-Protecting Your HomePage
     Announcing Your HomePage
     Adding a Favicon to Your HomePage
     Rolling Your Own
     Learning More About Web Design

8. Blogging with iBlog
     What Is a Blog?
     Why iBlog?
     Installing iBlog
     iBlog Overview
     Building Your Blog
     Further Exploration

9. Using iSync with .Mac
     Understanding iSync
     Overview of iSync
     Registering Your Mac with the Sync Server
     Performing Your First Sync
     Mac-to-Mac Syncing
     Bookmark Syncing
     iSync's Logs

10. Slide Shows and iCards
     Creating a Public Slide Show

Part IV. Appendixes

A. .Mac's Keyboard Shortcuts

B. Common iDisk Error Codes

C. Installing and Using the iDisk Utility for Windows XP