Head First EJB: Passing the Sun Certified Business Component Developer Exam

Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2003-12-02
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 700
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596005717
  • ISBN-13: 9780596005719
  • 相關分類: Java 程式語言
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What do Ford Financial, IBM, and Victoria's Secret have in common? Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). As the industry standard for platform-independent reusable business components, EJB has just become Sun Microsystem's latest developer certification. Whether you want to be certifiable or just want to learn the technology inside and out, Head First EJB will get you there in the least painful way. And with the greatest understanding.

You'll learn not just what the technology *is*, but more importantly, *why* it is, and what it is and isn't good for. You'll learn tricks and tips for EJB development, along with tricks and tips for passing this latest, very challenging Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD) exam. You'll learn how to think like a server. You'll learn how to think like a bean. And because this is a Head First book, you'll learn how to think about thinking.

Co-author Kathy Sierra was one of Sun's first employees to teach brave, early adopter customers how to use EJB. She has the scars. But besides dragging you deep into EJB technology, Kathy and Bert will see you through your certification exam, if you decide to go for it. And nobody knows the certification like they do - they're co-developers of Sun's actual exam!

As the second book in the Head First series, Head First EJB follows up the number one best-selling Java book in the US, Head First Java. Find out why reviewers are calling it a revolution in learning tough technical topics, and why Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy says, "Java technology is everywhere...if you develop software and haven't learned Java, it's definitely time to dive in "Head First."

And with Head First book, you don't even have to feel guilty about having fun while you're learning; it's all part of the learning theory. If the latest research in cognitive science, education, and neurobiology suggested that boring, dry, and excruciatingly painful was the best way to learn, we'd have done it. Thankfully, it's been shown that your brain has a sense of style, a sense of humour, and a darn good sense of what it likes and dislikes.

In Head First EJB, you'll learn all about:

  • Component-based and role-based development
  • The architecture of EJB, distributed programming with RMI
  • Developing and Deploying an EJB application
  • The Client View of a Session and Entity bean
  • The Session Bean Lifecycle and Component Contract
  • The Entity bean Lifecycle and Component Contract
  • Container-managed Persistence (CMP)
  • Container-managed Relationships (CMR)
  • EJB-QL
  • Transactions
  • Security
  • EJB Exceptions
  • The Deployment Descriptor
  • The Enterprise Bean Environment in JNDI
  • Programming Restrictions and Portability

The book includes over 200 mock exam questions that match the tone, style, difficulty, and topics on the real SCBCD exam. See why Kathy and Bert are responsible for thousands of successful exam-passers--

"The Sun certification exam was certainly no walk in the park, but Kathy's material allowed me to not only pass the exam, but Ace it!"
--Mary Whetsel, Sr. Technology Specialist, Application Strategy and Integration, The St. Paul Companies

"Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates are two of the few people in the world who can make complicated things seem damn simple, and as if that isn't enough, they can make boring things seem interesting."
--Paul Wheaton, The Trail Boss, javaranch.com

"Who better to write a Java study guide than Kathy Sierra, reigning queen of Java instruction? Kathy Sierra has done it again. Here is a study guide that almost guarantees you a certification!"
--James Cubetta, Systems Engineer, SGI



福特金融、IBM和維多利亞的秘密有什麼共同之處?企業JavaBeans(EJB)。作為平台獨立可重複使用的業務組件的行業標準,EJB剛剛成為Sun Microsystems最新的開發人員認證。無論您想成為可認證的人,還是只想徹底了解這項技術,《Head First EJB》都能以最輕鬆的方式幫助您達到目標。並且具有最深入的理解。您將學習到的不僅僅是技術的本質,更重要的是為什麼以及它適用於什麼情況。您將學習到EJB開發的技巧和提示,以及通過這項最新且非常具有挑戰性的Sun認證業務組件開發人員(SCBCD)考試的技巧和提示。您將學會如何像服務器一樣思考,如何像豆子一樣思考。而且,由於這是一本Head First系列的書,您還將學會如何思考思考。合著者Kathy Sierra是Sun的首批員工之一,她教授勇敢的早期採用者客戶如何使用EJB。她有傷疤。但除了深入介紹EJB技術外,如果您決定參加考試,Kathy和Bert還將協助您通過認證考試。沒有人像他們一樣熟悉這項認證-他們是Sun實際考試的共同開發人員!作為Head First系列的第二本書,《Head First EJB》緊隨美國最暢銷的Java書籍《Head First Java》之後。了解評論家為什麼稱其為學習困難技術主題的革命,以及Sun主席兼首席執行官Scott McNealy為什麼說:“Java技術無處不在...如果您開發軟件並且還沒有學習Java,那絕對是時候深入研究了。”而且,通過Head First系列的書籍,您甚至不必為在學習過程中感到愉快而感到內疚;這都是學習理論的一部分。如果認知科學、教育和神經生物學的最新研究表明,無聊、枯燥和極其痛苦是學習的最佳方式,我們會這樣做。幸運的是,已經證明您的大腦具有一種風格感、幽默感和對自己喜歡和不喜歡的東西的良好感知能力。在《Head First EJB》中,您將學到以下內容:組件化和角色化開發、EJB的架構、使用RMI進行分佈式編程、開發和部署EJB應用程序、會話和實體豆子的客戶端視圖、會話豆子的生命周期和組件契約、實體豆子的生命周期和組件契約、容器管理的持久性(CMP)、容器管理的關係(CMR)、EJB-QL、事務、安全性、EJB異常、部署描述符、JNDI中的企業豆環境、編程限制和可移植性。該書包含超過200個模擬考試問題,與真實的SCBCD考試的語氣、風格、難度和主題相匹配。看看為什麼Kathy和Bert負責成千上萬的成功考試通過者-“Sun的認證考試絕對不是一帆風順的,但Kathy的材料使我不僅通過了考試,而且成績優異!”-Mary Whetsel,高級技術專家,應用戰略和整合,The St. Paul Companies。“Kathy Sierra和Bert Bates是世界上為教授複雜事物變得簡單的少數人之一,而且如果這還不夠,他們還能使無聊的事物變得有趣。”-Paul Wheaton,The Trail Boss,javaranch.com。“還有誰比Kathy Sierra更適合撰寫Java學習指南?Kathy Sierra又做到了。這是一本幾乎可以保證您通過認證的學習指南!”-James Cubetta,系統工程師,SGI。