Learning Windows Server 2003 (Paperback)

Jonathan Hassell

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  • 出版日期: 2004-12-30
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With Windows Server 2003, Microsoft has the right server for a world now dominated by enterprise networks and web-based server applications. A number of significant improvements make this a more reliable server than Windows 2000, and those who switched have seen notable performance gains. Server 2003 is, in fact, a very competitive solution to Unix in terms of cost, performance, and application development productivity.

But getting this server up and running, either as a stand-alone or as part of a multi-site, multi-server network, is a formidable task even for the most experienced system administrators. Our no-fluff guide gives you exactly what you need: all the nuts and bolts for installing, configuring, securing, and managing Server 2003. This focused and practical book clearly documents the complexities of this server, and offers hands-on advice for planning, implementing and growing Windows networks without trying to teach you how to be a system administrator.

Learning Windows Server 2003 shows you how to create and manage user accounts (with particular attention to Active Directory), how to manage access to system resources such as printers and files, and how to configure and manage the server s plethora of major subsystems. The book goes into considerable detail about:

  • Windows file and print services
  • Active Directory
  • IIS6 web server
  • Group Policy and other security tools
  • Patch management
  • .NET Framework application server
  • Windows Terminal Services (including their use in conjunction with Microsoft Office and the Small Business Edition)
  • Various networking subsystems that ship with Server 2003

This highly instructive book also provides an introduction to clustering services, and thoroughly documents steps that should be taken to ensure the security of the server and its resources. Windows Server 2003 was designed to meet the needs of companies or organizations that rely on one or more internal computer networks, and our comprehensive reference is the ideal companion.



隨著Windows Server 2003的推出,微軟為現今由企業網路和基於網頁的伺服器應用程式主導的世界提供了正確的伺服器。一些重要的改進使得這個伺服器比Windows 2000更可靠,並且那些轉換的人已經看到了顯著的性能提升。事實上,Server 2003在成本、性能和應用程式開發生產力方面是與Unix相當具有競爭力的解決方案。

但是,即使對於最有經驗的系統管理員來說,將這個伺服器設置並運行起來,無論是作為獨立伺服器還是作為多站點、多伺服器網路的一部分,都是一項艱鉅的任務。我們的指南提供了您所需的一切:安裝、配置、保護和管理Server 2003的所有細節。這本專注且實用的書清楚地記錄了這個伺服器的複雜性,並提供了規劃、實施和擴展Windows網路的實用建議,而不是教您如何成為系統管理員。

《學習Windows Server 2003》向您展示如何創建和管理使用者帳戶(特別關注Active Directory),如何管理對印表機和檔案等系統資源的訪問,以及如何配置和管理伺服器的眾多主要子系統。本書詳細介紹了以下內容:
- Windows檔案和列印服務
- Active Directory
- IIS6網頁伺服器
- 群組原則和其他安全工具
- 更新管理
- .NET Framework應用程式伺服器
- Windows終端服務(包括與Microsoft Office和小型企業版的使用)
- Server 2003附帶的各種網路子系統

這本極具教育意義的書還介紹了叢集服務,並詳細記錄了應採取的步驟,以確保伺服器及其資源的安全性。Windows Server 2003旨在滿足依賴於一個或多個內部電腦網路的公司或組織的需求,而我們全面的參考資料是理想的伴侶。