Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration (Paperback)

Michael Bartosh, Ryan Faas

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  • 出版日期: 2005-05-01
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From the command line to Apple's graphical tools, this book uses a thorough, fundamental approach that leads readers to mastery of every aspect of the server. Full of much-needed insight, clear explanations, troubleshooting tips, and security information in every chapter, the book shows system administrators how to utilize the software's capabilities and features for their individual needs. Some of the topics covered in detail include:

  • Installation
  • Deployment
  • Server management
  • Directory services
  • Web application services
  • System interaction
  • Data gathering
  • Stress planning

This comprehensive guide also takes the time to carefully highlight and analyze the differences between Mac OS X and the other server platforms.

Whether you're a seasoned Unix or Windows administrator or a long-time Mac professional, Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration provides you with the depth you're seeking to maximize the potential of your Mac OS X Panther Server.



Table of Contents:


Part I. Server Installation and Management

1. Designing Your Server Environment


2. Installing and Configuring Mac OS X Server

     Mac OS X Server Installation Architecture

     Graphical Installation and Configuration

     Command-Line Installation and Configuration

     Automatic Server Configuration

     Other Installation and Configuration Options

3. Server Management Tools

     Graphical Tools

     Command-Line Tools

     Server Management Daemons

4. System Administration


     System Management

5. Troubleshooting



Part II. Directory Services

6. Open Directory Server

     Managing Open Directory Server

     Accessing an Open Directory Domain

7. Identification and Authorization in Open Directory Server

     LDAP: A Communication Protocol

     LDAP Basics


     LDAP Data and Open Directory Server

8. Authentication in Open Directory Server

     PasswordService (SASL)

     Kerberos: MIT KDC

     Putting It All Together

9. Replication in Open Directory Server

     Creating an Open Directory Replica

     The Replication Process

     Client-Side Replica Discovery

     Replication Best Practices

Part III. IP Services

10. xinetd



11. DNS

     Graphical Interface

     Configuration Storage


     Advanced Configuration

12. DHCP

     Graphical Configuration

     Advanced Configuration

     ISC's dhcpd

13. NAT

     Managing NAT


     Advanced Configuration

Part IV. File Services

14. File Services Overview

     Share Points


15. Apple Filing Protocol

     AFP Management: Server Admin

     AFP Management: Workgroup Manager


     Permissions Mapping



16. Windows File Services

     Managing Windows Services: Server Admin

     Managing Windows Services Using Workgroup Manager


     Apple's Changes to Samba

     Useful Utilities


17. FTP

     Managing FTP with Server Admin

     Managing FTP Using Workgroup Manager


     Securing FTP

18. Network File System

     The NFS (In)security Model

     Managing NFS with Server Admin

     Managing NFS with Workgroup Manager

19. Print Services

     Managing Print Services


     Managing Print Services with Workgroup Manager

     Making Queues Available in Open Directory

     Quotas and Authentication

     Print Services Architecture

Part V. Security Services

20. The Mac OS X Server Firewall

     A Firewall's Place in Network Communication

     Reporting and Monitoring

     Managing the Firewall Service

21. Virtual Private Networks

     VPN Protocols

     Server Configuration



     Configuring PPTP


     Client Information

     Internet Connect

     Other Considerations

Part VI. Internet Services

22. Mail Services

     Mail Protocols

     Graphical Management

     Mail Architecture


     Advanced Configuration

23. Web Services

     Managing Web Services

     Web Service Configuration: The Settings Tab


     Useful Utilities


24. Application Servers

     Running the Server

     Installing Applications

     Server Layout

     Building Java Web Applications

     Complex Applications

     Apple Proprietary Tools

     Next Steps

Part VII. Client Management

25. Managing Preferences for Mac OS X Clients

     Applying Managed Preferences

     Configuring Individual Preferences

26. Managing Classic Mac OS Workstations Using Mac Manager

     Mac Manager and Open Directory

     Mac Manager Environment Types

     Mac Manager Share Points and Folders

     The Mac Manager Client Software

     Mac Manager Preference Management

     Mac Manager Administration

     Troubleshooting Mac Manager

27. Managing Windows Clients Using Mac OS X Server

     Hosting a Windows Domain

     Configuring Member and Standalone Servers

     Integrating Windows Member Serversin a Mac OS X Server-Hosted Domain

28. Workstation Deployment and Maintenance

     Disk Images



     Apple Software Restore

     Deploying New Software and Software Updates

29. Apple Remote Desktop

     Administrator Computers

     Remote Desktop Users

     Installing and Configuring the ARD Client Software

     Working with Computer Lists

     Remote Management Tasks

     Generating Client Reports

     Automating Remote Desktop Using the Saved Tasks List

     Working with VNC

Appendix: Introduction to Directory Services



從命令行到蘋果的圖形工具,本書採用徹底、基礎的方法,引導讀者掌握伺服器的每個方面。每章都充滿了非常需要的見解、清晰的解釋、疑難排解技巧和安全信息,向系統管理員展示如何根據個人需求利用軟體的功能和特性。詳細介紹的一些主題包括:安裝、部署、伺服器管理、目錄服務、網絡應用服務、系統互動、數據收集和壓力規劃。這本全面的指南還花時間仔細突出和分析了Mac OS X和其他伺服器平台之間的差異。無論您是經驗豐富的Unix或Windows管理員還是長期以來的Mac專業人士,《Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration》都為您提供了您所需的深度,以最大限度地發揮Mac OS X Panther Server的潛力。

1. 設計您的伺服器環境
2. 安裝和配置Mac OS X伺服器
3. 伺服器管理工具
4. 系統管理
5. 故障排除
6. 開放目錄伺服器
7. 開放目錄伺服器中的身份驗證和授權