eBay: The Missing Manual

Nancy Conner

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  • 出版日期: 2005-08-01
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It's the undisputed king of Internet auction sites. It's a global bazaar offering a range of goods from Antiques to Zulu Daisies. Cars, clothing, collectibles: you name it, and it's likely that you can find on eBay. But along with the vast selection of goods available, buyers and sellers also encounter all the other elements that markets are known for: tricks and swindlers, overpriced goods, deceptive labeling, small print, recycled items marked as new, and the occasional rare priceless find or undiscovered treasure.

Seasoned eBay traders know that to successfully buy and sell within this mega-shopping platform, you need to understand the system. Unfortunately, the secrets of the site are often tightly held by other buyers and sellers seeking a competitive edge. But what if you're a newcomer? Or an experienced trader who wants to make the jump to power buyer or seller? eBay: The Missing Manual gives you the inside information you'll need to become an eBay expert.

Buyers will find the most effective ways to find you want and pay prices that are sure to bring a smile to your face. And you'll get authoritative advice on strategic bidding: how to watch for elusive items, time your bids to take the competition by surprise, and--above all--avoid paying more than you ought to.

Sellers will get sure-fire tips from eBay veterans who have discovered ways to ramp up their own auctions and sell at the highest possible prices. From the smallest details, such as how to take and post the most effective photos of your goods, to pricing strategies, inventory management, and shipping methods, this user-friendly manual will help you make more money on eBay. Whether you're selling a single item or running fulltime business on the site, you'll find tips to help you do it more effectively.

As in any community, problems and disputes arise, and you'll learn how other eBayers resolve such troubles or work around them.

eBay: The Missing Manual has gems of wisdom for everyone from total novices to more experienced traders. If you're looking to improve your eBay auction experience, you'll savor the tips and trick revealed in this guided exploration.



Table of Contents:

The Missing Credits


Part One: Buying on eBay

Chapter 1. Ready, Set, Shop!

     Get Registered and Get Going

               Step One: Who Are You?

               Step Two: Who Do You Want to Be (on eBay, Anyway)?

               Step Three: Check Your Email

     How to Find What You're Looking For

               Just Browsing, Thanks


               Better Searching

     Deciphering Auction Pages

     Auction Types

               Timed Auctions

               Reserve Auctions

               Buy It Now

               Best Offer

               Private Auctions

               Mature Audiences

               Preapproved Bidder Auctions

               Dutch Auctions

               Live Auctions

     My eBay-Your Shopping HQ

               My Summary

               All Buying

               Start Selling!

               My Messages

               All Favorites

               My Account

Chapter 2. Bidding, Paying, and Following Up

     Is This Seller Trustworthy? How to Read Feedback

               Tips for Interpreting Feedback

     Bidding on eBay

               Placing a Bid

               When to Bid Again

     After the Auction

               Paying the Price

               Where's My Stuff? Communicating with the Seller

               Having Your Say: How and When to Leave Feedback

     Buyers' Woes and What to Do About Them

               The Seller Cancels Your Bid on Your Very First Auction

               You Made a Mistake in Your Bid

               You Don't Hear from the Seller After the Auction

               You Bought It Now when You Meant to Bid

               You Were Outbid-But Then You Won

               You Bid Against Yourself

Chapter 3. Finding-and Getting-Bargains

     Tips and Tricks for Serious Searchers

               Speak the Search Engine's Language

               Search for Items by Bidder

               Search for Items by Seller

               Have Searches Find You

               Search Within a Price Range

               Think Globally, Search Locally

               Find What Other Shoppers Miss

               Going, Going, Gone!

               Buy It First, Buy It Now

               Watch the Clock-and the Calendar

               List It Again, Sam

               Have Sellers Search for You

               The eBay Toolbar

               Go Wireless

               Offsite Searching

     What's It Worth?

               Do Your Research

               Comparison Shopping

               Bidding Wars

     Bid to Win

               How to Win by Two Cents

               Swoop in and Snipe

               Other Proxy Bidding Strategies

               How to Win Dutch Auctions

     More Ways to Get a Good Deal

               About Me

               eBay Anything Points

Chapter 4. Power Buying Strategies

     Tools for Power Buyers

               Price-Analysis Tools

               Feedback-Analysis Tools

               Tools for Collectors

     Hey, Big Spender

               Smart Shopping for Big Spenders


               eBay Motors

               Real Estate

     Avoid Scams

               Designer Fakes

               Shill Game

               Spoof Emails

               Sham Auctions

               Bogus Escrow Services

               Illegitimate Second Chance Offers

Part Two: Selling on eBay

Chapter 5. Sell Stuff, Make Money

     Get the Lay of the Land

               Learn from Others

     What Should You Sell?

     How Much Is It Going to Cost You?

     Listing an Item

               Register as a Seller

               Choose an Auction Type

               Step 1: Choose a Category

               Step 2: Write a Title and Description

               Step 3: Add Pictures and Details

               Step 4: Specify Payment and Shipping Details

               Step 5: Review and Submit Your Listing

     During the Auction

               Finding Your Item

               Answering Buyers' Questions

               Revising the Listing

               Ending a Listing Early

     After the Auction

               Invoicing the Buyer

               Getting Your Money

               Packing and Shipping

               Leaving Feedback

     Common Problems


               Deadbeat Bidders

               The Item Doesn't Arrive

               The Item Arrives Damaged

               The Buyer Wants to Return the Item

               You Dealt with a Problem-and Got Negative Feedback for Your Trouble

Chapter 6. Honing Your Competitive Edge

     It's All About You

     Build a Better Auction

               Tempting Titles

               Irresistible Descriptions

               Photos That Sell

               More Photos, More Bidders

     Auction Tips and Tricks

               Best Category, Best Price

               Meet or Exceed Buyers' Expectations

               The More Auctions, the Merrier

               Donate Some of Your Profits

               Offer Incentives

               Offer Anything Points

               Sell in Lots

               How to Get More Feedback

     Big-Time Marketing Strategies

               Identify-and Reach-Your Market

               Get Some Buzz Going

               Promote, Promote, Promote

     Just Say No

               Shill Bidding

               Keyword Spamming

               Stealing Photos

               Violating VeRO

               Avoiding Fees

               Padding S&H Charges

     Protecting Your Auctions

               Blocking Unwelcome Bidders

               Canceling Bids

               Defending Your Auction

     Scams to Watch Out For

               The Check's in the Mail

               Phishing for Sellers

               "Damaged" Goods

               Fake Escrow Sites

               The I'll-Ship-It-Myself Scam


Chapter 7. Going from Hobby to Business

     What Should I Sell?

               Research the Market

               Finding Merchandise

     Doing the Paperwork

               Write a Business Plan

               What Kind of Business Are You?

               Keep Good Records

               Account for Yourself

               Keep It Legal

     Setting Up Shop with an eBay Store

               Creating Your Store

               Managing Your Store

     Selling Internationally

               Parlez-Vous eBay?

               Money Makes the World Go 'Round

               Worldwide Shipping

     Sell for Others

               Become a Trading Assistant

               Find Business Beyond eBay

               Franchise Fever

     Become a PowerSeller

               Join the Big Leagues

               Membership Has Its Privileges (and Problems)

Chapter 8. Specialty Selling

     Half.com: Mass Media Mania

               Registering on Half.com

               Listing an Item

               Managing Your Inventory

               Making a Sale

     Selling on eBay Motors

               Revving Up

               Creating Your Listing

               During the Auction

               Crossing the Finish Line

               Tips for a Successful Sale

     Selling Real Estate Online

               Two Ways to Sell

               Tips for Selling Property on eBay

     Live Auctions

     eBay Giving Works

               Signing Up to Contribute

               How Can Buyers Tell It's for Charity?

               After the Auction

     eBay B2B

     Sell Your Services on Elance

               How Elance Works

               Elance Professional Services

               Signing Up and Bidding

               The Drawback

               Other Sites

Chapter 9. Cool Tools for Sellers

     eBay Tools

               Turbo Lister

               Selling Manager

               eBay Blackthorne

               Accounting Assistant

               eBay Sales Reports

     Third-Party Software

               Market Analysis

               Listing and Auction Management

               Email and Feedback Automation

               Other Tools

Part Three: Finding Other eBayers and Getting Help

Chapter 10. Connecting with Other eBayers

     Connect with the Community

               Discussion Boards


               Answer Center

               Chat Rooms

     eBay Affiliates

     Other Places to Talk About eBay

               Google Groups

               Yahoo! Groups

               Forums on Other Sites

     eBay Live!

Chapter 11. Finding Help

     Learning Center

     Help Page

     Help via Email

     Live Help

     Site Map

     eBay Services

     Help from Other eBayers

               Answer Center

               Discussion Boards


Part Four: Appendixes

Appendix A. Where to Learn More

     eBay Updates

     Start Spreading the News(letters)

               Specialized Newsletters

               The Chatter

               Seller Newsflash

               Newsletters for Buyers

     eBay on the Air

               More Radio Programs

     The Unofficial Scoop

               Auction News

               Software Reviews

     Further Education

               Take a Workshop

               Take a Live Class

               Get Your B.A. in eBay

Appendix B. HTML for eBayers

     Getting Started

     Adding Colors and Backgrounds

               Coloring Text

     Adding Links

     Creating Lists and Tables


Appendix C. Other Auction Sites

     Amazon Auctions and Marketplace









     Overstock Auctions

     The Auction Man


     Yahoo! Auctions