Learning GNU Emacs, 3/e (Paperback)

Debra Cameron, James Elliott, Marc Loy, Eric Raymond, Bill Rosenblatt

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2005-01-18
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 536
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596006489
  • ISBN-13: 9780596006488
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GNU Emacs is the most popular and widespread of the Emacs family of editors. It is also the most powerful and flexible. Unlike all other text editors, GNU Emacs is a complete working environment--you can stay within Emacs all day without leaving. Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition tells readers how to get started with the GNU Emacs editor. It is a thorough guide that will also "grow" with you: as you become more proficient, this book will help you learn how to use Emacs more effectively. It takes you from basic Emacs usage (simple text editing) to moderately complicated customization and programming.

The third edition of Learning GNU Emacs describes Emacs 21.3 from the ground up, including new user interface features such as an icon-based toolbar and an interactive interface to Emacs customization. A new chapter details how to install and run Emacs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, including tips for using Emacs effectively on those platforms.

Learning GNU Emacs, third edition, covers:

  • How to edit files with Emacs
  • Using the operating system shell through Emacs
  • How to use multiple buffers, windows, and frames
  • Customizing Emacs interactively and through startup files
  • Writing macros to circumvent repetitious tasks
  • Emacs as a programming environment for Java, C++, and Perl, among others
  • Using Emacs as an integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Integrating Emacs with CVS, Subversion and other change control systems for projects with multiple developers
  • Writing HTML, XHTML, and XML with Emacs
  • The basics of Emacs Lisp
The book is aimed at new Emacs users, whether or not they are programmers. Also useful for readers switching from other Emacs implementations to GNU Emacs.


GNU Emacs是Emacs系列編輯器中最受歡迎和廣泛使用的。它也是最強大和靈活的。與其他所有文本編輯器不同,GNU Emacs是一個完整的工作環境 - 您可以整天都在Emacs中工作而不用離開。《學習GNU Emacs》第三版告訴讀者如何開始使用GNU Emacs編輯器。這是一本全面的指南,也會隨著您的進步而“成長”:隨著您的熟練程度提高,這本書將幫助您更有效地使用Emacs。它從基本的Emacs使用(簡單的文本編輯)到較複雜的自定義和編程。

《學習GNU Emacs》第三版從頭開始介紹了Emacs 21.3,包括新的用戶界面功能,如基於圖標的工具欄和與Emacs自定義的交互界面。一個新的章節詳細介紹了如何在Mac OS X、Windows和Linux上安裝和運行Emacs,包括在這些平台上有效使用Emacs的技巧。

《學習GNU Emacs》第三版涵蓋了以下內容:
- 如何使用Emacs編輯文件
- 通過Emacs使用操作系統shell
- 如何使用多個緩衝區、窗口和框架
- 交互式和通過啟動文件自定義Emacs
- 編寫宏以避免重複任務
- Emacs作為Java、C++和Perl等編程環境
- 使用Emacs作為集成開發環境(IDE)
- 將Emacs與CVS、Subversion和其他多人開發項目的變更控制系統集成
- Emacs Lisp的基礎知識

這本書針對的是新的Emacs用戶,無論他們是否是程序員。對於從其他Emacs實現切換到GNU Emacs的讀者也很有用。