Mac OS X Panther Hacks

Rael Dornfest, James Duncan Davidson

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  • 出版日期: 2004-07-13
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  • ISBN: 0596007183
  • ISBN-13: 9780596007188
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Like the animal it's named for, Mac OS X Panther is beautiful, sleek, superbly efficient, dangerously alluring, and all muscle under the surface. Beneath its appealing interface, it's a hard-working machine. Those coming to Mac OS X from previous incarnations of the operating system recognize much of the friendly face of the Macintosh they're used to, but they're also plunged into a whole new world. Unix converts to Mac OS X find a familiar FreeBSD-like operating system at the core and many of the command-line applications that they're familiar with: it's like an open invitation to roll up their sleeves and hack.

Mac OS X Panther Hacks brings together the perfect combination of tips, tricks, and tools to help serious Mac users--regardless of their background--get the most from their machines. This newly revised collection reflects the real-world know how of those well-steeped in Unix history and expertise, sharing their no-nonsense, sometimes quick-and-dirty solutions to administering and taking full advantage of everything a Unix desktop has to offer: Web, Mail, and FTP serving, security services, SSH, Perl and shell scripting, compiling, configuring, scheduling, networking, and hacking. Add to that the experience of die-hard Macintosh users, customizing and modifying their hardware and software to meet their needs. The end result is cool stuff no power user should be without.

The hacks in the book range from the quick and easy to the more complex. Each can be read easily in a few minutes, saving countless hours of searching for the right answer. Mac OS X Panther Hacks provides direct, hands-on solutions in topics such as:

  • User Interface
  • Accessories (iPod, USB devices, mobile phones, PDAs, etc.)
  • Wired and wireless networking (Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Email (servers and clients)
  • Web (servers and clients)
  • Messaging (iChat and associated apps)
  • Printing and Faxing (sharing printers, fax server, etc.)
  • Multimedia

If you want more than your average Mac user--you want to explore and experiment, unearth shortcuts, create useful tools, and come up with fun things to try on your own--this book will set you on the right track. Written for users who need to go beyond what's covered in conventional manuals--Mac OS X Panther Hacks will bring your Mac to its full potential.


Table of Contents:



Chapter 1. GUI
      1. Enjoy the Animations
      2. Spice Up Your Desktop
      3. Use Labels Effectively
      4. Launchers, or, Dial c-Space M for Mail
      5. Wear Multiple Hats, Run Multiple Desktops
      6. Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts
      7. Tweak Menu Extras
      8. Incorporate Services into Your Workflow
      9. Autocomplete Your Words
      10. Get Sidetracked
      11. eMac, Meet eBook
      12. Build Your Own Konfabulator Widget

Chapter 2. Scripting
      13. A Hacker's Introduction to AppleScript
      14. AppleScript the GUI
      15. Fulfill Wishes with Address Book
      16. Fetch the Paper, AppleScript Style
      17. Batch-Convert Screenshots to JPEGs
      18. Build AppleScript Apps with FaceSpan
      19. Mac::Glue Your Perl
      20. Update iChat Status with Mac::Glue
      21. Hack Your Address Book with Perl
      22. Manipulate Images on the Command Line
      23. Script CoreGraphics with Python
      24. Tap RSS with Shell Scripts
      25. Add a Dab of GUI to Unix Scripts
      26. Automatically Dim Your Laptop Screen

Chapter 3. Web, Chat, and Mail
      27. Hack Safari
      28. Browse Different
      29. Avoid the Ads
      30. Read Syndicated Online Content
      31. Breathe Life into Your Staid Buddy List
      32. Better iChat Transcripts
      33. Gather Ye Buddies While Ye May
      34. USB Videoconferencing
      35. Provide Remote Support
      36. IRC: Chatrooms for Hackers
      37. Label Your Mail
      38. Search Your Mail with ZO?
      39. Encrypt and Sign Your Mail
      40. Interleave Mail and Pine

Chapter 4. Multimedia
      41. Build a Household MP3 Server
      42. Clutter Your Desktop with Music
      43. Feed Streaming Audio to Your iPod
      44. Autofeed Text to your iPod
      45. Automate a Web Photo Gallery with iPhoto and Perl
      46. Keep a Digital Diary
      47. Rendezvous Picture Transfer
      48. Rotate Your Movie from Horizontal to Vertical
      49. Store Pictures and Movies in Your iPod

Chapter 5. Gadgets and Hardware
      50. Expand Your Screen Real Estate
      51. iPod Tips and Tricks
      52. Build an Emergency iPod Boot Volume
      53. Pair and iSync with Bluetooth Devices
      54. Use Your Cellphone as a Bluetooth Modem
      55. Share Your Mac's Net Connection with a Bluetooth Phone
      56. Control Your Mac with a PDA
      57. Listen to Bluetooth
      58. Print Without Wires
      59. Zip, Zap, and Sync Your Gizmos
      60. iOscillate

Chapter 6. Networking and Network Apps
      61. Share Your Address Book and iCal
      62. Collaborative Editing with Rendezvous
      63. See Spike Share His Clipboard
      64. Detect Wireless Networks
      65. Secure Your AirPort Network with WPA
      66. Manage Multiple AirPort Base Stations
      67. Access Remote Desktops

Chapter 7. Servers
      68. Apache Behind the Scenes
      69. Turn on WebDAV
      70. Turn on PHP
      71. Advertise Web Sites with Rendezvous
      72. Set Up a Postfix Mail Server
      73. Relay Mail with Postfix
      74. Set Up Secondary Mail Servers
      75. Create Mail Aliases
      76. Set Up IMAP and POP Mail Servers

Chapter 8. Files and Backup
      77. Synchronize Your Files
      78. Edit Special Unix Files
      79. Find and Unerase Misplaced and Deleted Files
      80. Store and Search Your Records as PDF
      81. Flex OmniOutliner
      82. Decide What to Back Up
      83. Automate Backups with Existing Tools
      84. Back Up Your Digital Music Collection
      85. Make a Carbon Copy
      86. Bluetooth File Exchange and Browsing
      87. Secure File Sharing with SSH

Chapter 9. System Administration
      88. Become an Administrator for a Moment
      89. Understand Your User Account
      90. Rename a User Account
      91. Use the Terminal
      92. Set Shell Environment Variables
      93. A Security Primer
      94. Stash Data in the Keychain
      95. Panther Maintenance
      96. Use iCal to Schedule Tasks
      97. Use periodic to Schedule Tasks
      98. Use cron to Schedule Tasks
      99. Reinstall Mac OS X
      100. Bypass the GUI