RFID Essentials (Paperback)

Bill Glover, Himanshu Bhatt

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is rapidly changing the
way businesses track inventory and assets. From Wal-Mart and Tesco to the
U.S. Department of Defense, early efforts are already showing benefits,
but software, integration, and data processing for RFID still present a
challenge. If you are a developer or an architect charged with
developing an RFID system, this book is for you. Drawing on extensive
experience, Bill Glover and Himanshu Bhatt provide you with essential
information on this emerging technology.

With the knowledge you gain in these pages, you will possess the
information and understanding you need to start designing, building, or
integrating with RFID systems.

In RFID Essentials you will find information on:

  • Tags and tag protocols, including the Electronic Product Code (EPC)
  • Readers and reader protocols
  • RFID middleware
  • Security and privacy
  • Managing RFID devices
  • RFID's impact on your architecture

Bill Glover has been writing software since 1981 and has worked as a
programmer, lead developer, or architect on systems of all sizes, from
small, automated systems controlling dams and feedmills up to a
complete redesign and reimplementation of one of the world's busiest
travel web sites. Bill first worked with RFID in 1995, tracking
individual cattle using ear tags. He is currently a Senior Java
Architect with Sun Microsystems, Inc., and works with Sun's RFID
consulting practice and the RFID Test Center.

Himanshu Bhatt heads the U.S. RFID Practice and Software Technology Lab
for Sun Microsystems, Inc. Prior to assuming this role, Himanshu was
responsible for business development and consulting in emerging areas
of technology. Himanshu has over 16 years of experience in the
architecture and development of distributed, multitier systems using a
host of technologies for Fortune 1000 companies. Himanshu has spoken at
industry conferences such as JavaOne and the LoneStar Symposium and has
published articles on Java/J2EE technologies.

"The Information Age is over. We're entering an era where
network connectivity is almost ubiquitous - it's participate or perish."

--Jonathan Schwartz, President and COO, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

"Unique competitive advantage erupts from enterprises that couple the
RFID technologies laid out in RFID Essentials with modern business integration using service-oriented architectures. This is the book to read in order to understand this new landscape."

--Mark Bauhaus, Senior Vice President, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

"This is a must read for RFID Software and Solution architects and is
highly recommended for anyone needing to gain more insight into the myriad of components, standards and technologies that make up an RFID solutions environment."

--Bryan Tracey, Chief Architect, GlobeRanger Corporation

"The authors have done a commendable job of covering a lot of ground in
the RFID space, including the infrastructure needed to share the volumes of data RFID will likely generate."

--Graham Gillen, Senior Product Manager, VeriSign


Table of Contents

. Preface

1. An Introduction to RFID

     The Case for RFID

     The Eras of RFID

     Application Types


2. RFID Architecture

     A Confluence of Technologies

     Key Functionalities

     RFID System Components

     Systemic Quality Considerations

     Architecture Guidelines

     System Management


3. Tags

     Basic Tag Capabilities

     Physical Characteristics

     Power Source

     Air Interface

     Information Storage and Processing Capacity



4. Tag Protocols

     Protocol Terms and Concepts

     How Tags Store Data

     Singulation and Anti-Collision Procedures

     Tag Features for Security and Privacy

     Learn to Troubleshoot Tag Communications


5. Readers and Printers

     Physical Components of an RFID Reader

     Logical Components of an RFID Reader

     Parts of an RFID Printer and Applicator

     Types of Readers

     Layout for Readers and Antennas

     Configuring Readers


6. Reader Protocols

     Parts of a Reader Protocol

     Vendor Protocols

     EPCglobal Protocol Overview

     Simple Lightweight RFID Reader Protocol

     Future Protocols


7. RFID Middleware


     Logical Architecture

     Application Level Events Specification

     Commercial RFID Middleware


8. RFID Information Service

     RFID Data

     The EPCglobal Network

     The Object Naming Service

     The EPC Information Services


9. Manageability

     Edge Deployment Options

     Capabilities Needed for Edge Management

     Standards and Technologies


10. Privacy and Security

     Privacy and Security Issues

     RFID Privacy

     RFID Security


11. The Future





Appendix A. EPC Identity Encodings

Appendix B. References