Database in Depth (Paperback)

C.J. Date

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  • 出版日期: 2005-06-14
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This book sheds light on the principles behind the relational model, which is fundamental to all database-backed applications--and, consequently, most of the work that goes on in the computing world today. Database in Depth: The Relational Model for Practitioners goes beyond the hype and gets to the heart of how relational databases actually work.

Ideal for experienced database developers and designers, this concise guide gives you a clear view of the technology--a view that's not influenced by any vendor or product. Featuring an extensive set of exercises, it will help you:

  • understand why and how the relational model is still directly relevant to modern database technology (and will remain so for the foreseeable future)
  • see why and how the SQL standard is seriously deficient
  • use the best current theoretical knowledge in the design of their databases and database applications
  • make informed decisions in their daily database professional activities

Database in Depth will appeal not only to database developers and designers, but also to a diverse field of professionals and academics, including database administrators (DBAs), information modelers, database consultants, and more. Virtually everyone who deals with relational databases should have at least a passing understanding of the fundamentals of working with relational models.

Author C.J. Date has been involved with the relational model from its earliest days. An exceptionally clear-thinking writer, Date lays out principle and theory in a manner that is easily understood. Few others can speak as authoritatively the topic of relational databases as Date can.


Table of Contents:



     A Remark on Terminology

     Principles, Not Products
     A Review of the Original Model

     Model Versus Implementation

     Properties of Relations

     Relations Versus Relvars

     Values Versus Variables



     Domain-Constrained Comparisons

     Data Value Atomicity

     So What's a Type?

     Scalar Versus Nonscalar Types



     What's a Tuple?

     Some Important Consequences

     What's a Relation?

     Further Important Consequences

     Why Duplicate Tuples Are Prohibited

     Why Nulls Are Prohibited




     Updating Is Set-at-a-Time

     More on Candidate Keys

     More on Foreign Keys

     More on Views

     Relvars and Predicates

     More on Relations Versus Types



     More on Closure

     The Original Operators

     Evaluating SQL Expressions

     Extend and Summarize

     Group and Ungroup

     Expression Transformation

     Relational Comparisons

     More on Relational Assignment

     The ORDER BY Operator



     Type Constraints

     Database Constraints


     Why Database Constraint Checking Must Be Immediate

     But Doesn't Some Checking Have to Be Deferred?

     Constraints and Predicates

     Miscellaneous Issues



     The Place of Design Theory

     Functional Dependencies and Boyce/Codd Normal Form

     Join Dependencies and Fifth Normal Form

     Two Cheers for Normalization


     Some Remarks on Physical Design



     The Relational Model Defined

     Objectives of the Relational Model

     Some Database Principles

     The Relational Model Versus Others

     What Remains to Be Done?





- 理解為什麼和如何關聯模型仍然與現代數據庫技術直接相關(並且在可預見的將來仍然如此)
- 看到為什麼和如何SQL標準存在嚴重缺陷
- 在設計數據庫和數據庫應用程序時使用最佳的理論知識
- 在日常數據庫專業活動中做出明智的決策

《深入理解數據庫》不僅適用於數據庫開發人員和設計師,還適用於各種專業人士和學術界人士,包括數據庫管理員(DBA)、信息建模師、數據庫顧問等。幾乎每個與關聯數據庫打交道的人都應該至少對關聯模型的基本工作原理有一定的了解。作者C.J. Date從關聯模型的早期就參與其中。作為一位思維清晰的作家,Date以易於理解的方式陳述原則和理論。很少有人能像Date一樣權威地談論關聯數據庫這個話題。

- 前言
- 前言
- 术语备注
- 原则而非产品
- 原始模型回顾
- 模型与实现
- 关系的特性
- 关系与关系变量
- 值与变量
- 总结
- 练习
- 域约束比较
- 数据值的原子性
- 类型是什么?
- 标量与非标量类型
- 总结
- 练习
- 元组是什么?
- 一些重要的后果
- 关系是什么?
- 进一步重要的后果
- 为什么禁止重复元组?
- 为什么禁止空值?
- 总结
- 练习
- 更新是一次性的