Linux Multimedia Hacks: Tips & Tools for Taming Images, Audio, and Video (Paperback)

Kyle Rankin

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  • 出版日期: 2005-12-27
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0596100760
  • ISBN-13: 9780596100766
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The fact that Linux has more multimedia application choices than Mac OS X and Windows combined may come as a surprise to many, but not to those who know Linux well. In Linux Multimedia Hacks, author Kyle Rankin showcases the best available multimedia tools so you can maximize the entertainment capabilities of your favorite OS. Included are tips and tricks for connecting to iPods, creating MP3s and Oggs, watching and making DVDs, turning your Linux box into a Tivo ala MythTV, and much more.

You don't have to be a Linux server guru to make use of this book. Linux Multimedia Hacks takes the best of Linux's multimedia tools and with step-by-step instructions shows even novice users how to do cool and useful things with images, audio, and video. It includes entry level hacks that nearly all Linux users will want, such as installing codecs for audio and video playback and managing thousands of photographs. Later, you'll find hacks that cover a variety of advanced projects, from ripping and organizing media files with metatags, to editing video and audio tracks, to creating your own DVDs. Basic or advanced, each hack stands on its own, so you can feel free to jump around to only the sections that interest you.

The book is divided into five easy-to-understand chapters:

  • Images: tips range from basic image edits to automated image manipulation
  • Audio: hacks include audio format conversion and tweaking metadata within audio files
  • Video: learn how to covert between video formats, plus how to create your own VCDs and DVDs
  • Broadcast Media: tips include how to access and create you own web broadcasts as well as watch and record TV
  • Web: learn how to make your multimedia creations available to the world

As one of the most powerful multimedia platforms around, Linux has far more capabilities and features than meets the eye. This latest Hacks book gives you the technical chops to enjoy them all.



Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Images 

      1. Take a Screenshot  

      2. Convert from One Image Format to Another  

      3. Make Image Thumbnails  

      4. Animate Images  

      5. Leave a Watermark  

      6. Pull Images from a Digital Camera  

      7. Manage Photos with f-spot  

      8. Edit Images  

      9. Remove Red Eye from Photos  

      10. Create a Slideshow  

      11. Automatically Synchronize Your Camera and Computer  

      12. Make a Screen-Capture Movie  

Chapter 2. Audio 

      13. Mix Your Audio for Perfect Sound  

      14. Surround Yourself with Sound  

      15. Play Multiple Sounds at the Same Time  

      16. Get MP3 Libraries for Red Hat-Based Distributions  

      17. Configure Network Sound  

      18. Manage Your Audio with XMMS  

      19. Shuffle Your Music the Smart Way  

      20. Try Rhythmbox  

      21. Let amaroK Rock Your Music Collection  

      22. Store amaroK Data in MySQL  

      23. Enable Your Multimedia Keyboard  

      24. Rip CDs from the Command Line  

      25. Rip CDs Straight from Konqueror  

      26. Get a Grip on CD Ripping  

      27. Edit ID3v2 Tags from the Command Line  

      28. Add Album Art to ID3 Tags  

      29. Automate Music File Tagging  

      30. Correct Music Metadata with MusicBrainz  

      31. Clean Music Metadata at the Command Line  

      32. Clean Music Metadata with a GUI  

      33. Pass the Mic and Record Audio  

      34. Edit Audio with Audacity  

      35. Convert from One Audio Format to Another  

      36. Normalize the Volume of Your Audio Files  

      37. Make Your Computer Talk to You  

      38. Search Audio for Hidden Messages  

      39. Burn Audio CDs from the Command Line  

      40. Automate Audio CD Burning with K3b  

      41. Turn Your Computer into a Turntable  

      42. Use an iPod with Linux  

      43. Sync Your iRiver with Linux  

      44. Use Other Portable Audio Players  

      45. Use a Bluetooth Headset with Linux  

      46. Find All Your Media Files  

Chapter 3. Video 

      47. Master Video Output Options  

      48. Use MPlayer  

      49. Advanced MPlayer Tweaks  

      50. Create Family-Friendly Edits of Movies  

      51. Crop Video During Playback  

      52. Add Custom Subtitles to Video  

      53. Play Restricted Media Formats  

      54. Watch Videos in ASCII Art  

      55. Try xine-Based Video Players  

      56. View VLC, the Cross-Platform Video Player  

      57. Probe Video Settings  

      58. Rip a VCD  

      59. Rip a DVD  

      60. Encode a DVD to MPEG4 from the Command Line  

      61. Rip and Encode DVDs with a mencoder Frontend  

      62. Rip and Encode DVDs with K3b  

      63. Convert from One Video Format to Another  

      64. Create Archos-Compatible Video  

      65. Convert Dual-Layer DVD to Single-Layer DVD  

      66. Use a Digital Video Camcorder with Linux  

      67. Edit Video  

      68. Resize a Video  

      69. Create a VCD  

      70. Create a DVD  

      71. Customize a DVD Menu  

      72. Create Self-Booting Movies  

Chapter 4. Broadcast Media 

      73. Install a TV Tuner  

      74. Watch TV on Your Computer  

      75. Output to a TV with NVIDIA Cards  

      76. Cut Commercials  

      77. Create a DVR with MythTV  

      78. MythTV as a Digital Hub  

      79. Take (Remote) Control  

      80. Browse Streaming Radio Stations  

      81. Rip Streaming Audio  

      82. Rip Streaming Video  

      83. Command-Line Streaming MP3 Player  

      84. Build a Linux Jukebox with Jinzora  

      85. Stream Video with VLC  

      86. Grab Podcasts from the Command Line  

      87. Get Podcasts with a GUI  

      88. Broadcast Sound to AM with a Monitor  

Chapter 5. Web 

      89. Install the Macromedia Plug-in in a Flash  

      90. Use the Real RealPlayer  

      91. Watch Videos Within Firefox  

      92. Kaffeinate Konqueror  

      93. Install the Acrobat Reader Plug-in  

      94. Control Your Media Player with Firefox  

      95. Grab Color Profiles from Other Web Sites  

      96. Browse Graphical Sites from an xterm  

      97. Star in Your Own Reality TV Show  

      98. Make Internet Phone Calls with Skype  

      99. Turn Your Linux Box into a PBX  

      100. Host a Photo Gallery  




許多人可能會驚訝地發現,Linux擁有的多媒體應用程式選擇比Mac OS X和Windows加起來還要多,但對於熟悉Linux的人來說並不意外。在《Linux多媒體技巧》一書中,作者Kyle Rankin展示了最佳的多媒體工具,讓您可以充分發揮您最喜愛的作業系統的娛樂功能。書中包含了連接iPod、創建MP3和Ogg文件、觀看和製作DVD、將Linux電腦轉變為類似MythTV的Tivo等技巧和訣竅。



  • 圖像:技巧範圍從基本圖像編輯到自動圖像處理

  • 音頻:技巧包括音頻格式轉換和調整音頻文件中的元數據

  • 視頻:學習如何在視頻格式之間進行轉換,以及如何創建自己的VCD和DVD

  • 廣播媒體:技巧包括如何訪問和創建自己的網絡廣播,以及觀看和錄製電視節目

  • 網絡:學習如何將您的多媒體創作分享給全世界







第一章 圖像 

  1. 擷取螢幕截圖  


      3. 生成圖像縮略圖  


      5. 添加浮水印  

      6. 從數碼相機中提取圖像  

      7. 使用f-spot管理照片  

      8. 編輯圖像  

      9. 從照片中去除紅眼  

      10. 創建幻燈片  

      11. 自動同步相機和電腦   ```