PHPUnit Pocket Guide

Sebastian Bergmann

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2005-11-08
  • 售價: $570
  • 貴賓價: 9.5$542
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 90
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596101031
  • ISBN-13: 9780596101039
  • 相關分類: PHP
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Smart web developers will tell you that the sooner you detect your code mistakes, the quicker you can fix them, and the less the project will cost in the long run. Well, the most efficient way to detect your mistakes in PHP is with PHPUnit, an open source framework that automates unit testing by running a battery of tests as you go. The benefits of PHPUnit are significant:

  • a reduction in the effort required to frequently test code
  • fewer overall defects
  • added confidence in your code
  • improved relations with your open source teammates

The only problem with this popular testing tool was its lack of documentation-until now, that is. For this, O'Reilly went right to the source, as Sebastian Bergmann, the author of PHPUnit Pocket Guide, also happens to be PHPUnit's creator. This little book brings together hard-to-remember information, syntax, and rules for working with PHPUnit. It also delivers the insight and sage advice that can only come from the technology's creator. Coverage of testing under agile methodologies and Extreme Programming (XP) is also included.

The latest in O'Reilly's series of handy Pocket Guides, this quick-reference book puts all the answers are right at your fingertips. It's an invaluable companion for anyone interested in testing the PHP code they write for web applications.



聰明的網頁開發人員會告訴你,越早發現代碼錯誤,就越能快速修復,項目的成本也會越低。而在 PHP 中檢測錯誤的最有效方法就是使用 PHPUnit,這是一個開源框架,通過運行一系列測試來自動化單元測試。PHPUnit 的好處是顯著的:

  • 減少頻繁測試代碼所需的工作量

  • 減少總體缺陷

  • 增加對代碼的信心

  • 改善與開源團隊的關係

這個受歡迎的測試工具唯一的問題是缺乏文檔,直到現在。為此,O'Reilly 直接找到了來源,因為《PHPUnit Pocket Guide》的作者 Sebastian Bergmann 也是 PHPUnit 的創建者。這本小書匯集了難以記住的信息、語法和與 PHPUnit 一起工作的規則。它還提供了只有技術創建者才能提供的見解和智慧建議。書中還包括了在敏捷方法和極限編程(XP)下進行測試的內容。

O'Reilly 最新的便攜指南系列之一,這本快速參考書將所有答案都放在你的指尖。對於任何對測試他們為網頁應用程序編寫的 PHP 代碼感興趣的人來說,它都是一個寶貴的伴侶。