Windows XP for Starters: The Missing Manual

David Pogue

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  • 出版日期: 2005-12-06
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Windows XP powers millions of PCs and is without a doubt the most widely used operating system in the world today. This rock solid operating system offers dozens of features for consumers, plus powerful applications and integrated networking tools all blended into an elegant interface. But working your way through all of these features and applications can be complicated. Whether you use this software at home or at work, sometimes you just want to learn the most commonly used features, not every option and nuance.

For anyone interested in zeroing in and learning just the information they need without all the complicated jargon, Windows XP for Starters: The Missing Manual provides just the solution.

Author David Pogue delivers an accessible and much needed guide with his trademark humor and friendly style. Windows XP for Starters: The Missing Manual provides clear explanations, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, and plenty of illustrations that make for a refreshingly simple approach to XP.

Far more than a skimpy introduction but much less daunting than a weighty tech book, Windows XP For Starters: The Missing Manual unveils easy tips and tricks for making the most of the XP experience.

Whether you're a first-time user who just wants the basics, or an experienced user who simply needs a quick overview, our new Windows XP For Starters: The Missing Manual is designed from the ground up to save you time and deliver what you need to know. Find out why this book is exactly what you need.


Table Of Contents

The Missing Credits


     About This Book

     Basic Terms



Part ONe:. The Windows XP Desktop

Chapter 1. The Very Basics  11

     What Is Windows, Anyway?

     Working Windows Smarter

               The Right Mouse Button Is King

               Summon a Wizard

               There's More Than One Way to Do Everything

               You Can Use the Keyboard for Everything

               You Could Spend a Lifetime Changing Properties

               Every Piece of Hardware Requires Software

Chapter 2. The Desktop and Start Menu  21

     Logging In

               Workgroups vs. Domains

     The Elements of the XP Desktop

     The Start Menu

     Start > Log Off

     Start > Shut Down (Turn Off Computer)

     Start > All Programs

               The Startup Folder

     Start > Search

               Finding Files and Folders

               Managing the Found Files and Folders

     Start > Help and Support

     Start > Control Panel

     Start > My Network Places

     Start > My Computer

     Start > My Music, My Pictures

     Start > My Recent Documents

     Start > My Documents

Chapter 3. Windows, Folders, and the Taskbar  49

     Windows in Windows

               The Task Pane

               Sizing, Moving, and Closing Windows

               Working with Multiple Windows

     The Desktop Window Overhaul

               Icon and List Views

               Standard Folder Views

     Window Toolbars

               The Standard Buttons Toolbar

               The Address Bar

               The Links Toolbar

     The Taskbar

               The Notification Area

               Window Buttons

     Taskbar Toolbars

               Quick Launch Toolbar

Chapter 4. Organizing Your Stuff  77

     Creating a Folder

     The Folders of Windows XP

               What's in the Local Disk (C:) Window

               Your Account Folder

               Navigating My Computer

               Navigating with Windows Explorer

     Life with Icons

               Renaming Your Icons

               Icon Properties

     Copying and Moving Folders and Files

               Highlighting Icons

               Copying by Dragging Icons

               Copying by Using Copy and Paste

     The Recycle Bin

               Restoring Deleted Files and Folders

               Emptying the Recycle Bin

     Shortcut Icons

               Creating and Deleting Shortcuts

     Burning CDs from the Desktop


Part Two:. The Components of Windows XP

Chapter 5. Programs and Documents  109

     Launching Programs

     Switching Programs

     Exiting Programs

     When Programs Die

     Saving Documents

               The Save File Dialog Box

               Saving into My Documents

               Navigating in the Save Dialog Box

               Navigating the List by Keyboard

               The File Format Drop-Down Menu

     Closing Documents

     The Open Dialog Box

     Moving Data Between Documents

               Cut, Copy, and Paste


     Filename Extensions

               Displaying Filename Extensions

     Installing Software

               The Pre-Installation Checklist

               Installing Software from a CD

               Installing Downloaded Software

               Installing Preloaded Software

               Installing Windows Components

     Uninstalling Software

Chapter 6. Pictures, Music, and Movies  139

     Digital Photos in XP

               Hooking Up Your Camera

               Fun with Downloaded Pictures


     Windows Media Player

               The Lay of the Land

               Playing Music CDs

               Copying CDs to Your Hard Drive

               Organizing Your Music Library

               Burning Your Own CDs.

               Playing DVD Movies


Part Three:. Windows Online

Chapter 7. Getting on the Web  169

     How to Get Online

               Cable and DSL

               Wireless Networks

     Establishing a New Dial-Up Internet Account

               The Connection Icon

     Manually Plugging in Internet Settings

               Via Dial-up Modem

               Via Cable Modem, Network, or DSL

     Dialing Up to the Internet

               Manual Connections

               The Notification Area Icon

               Automatic Dialing


     Surfing the Web

     Internet Explorer

               Browsing Basics and Toolbars

               Internet Explorer Toolbars

               Status Bar

               Explorer Bar

               Ways to Find Something on the Web

               Tips for Better Surfing

               Ditching Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders

Chapter 8. Outlook Express 6  201

     Setting Up Outlook Express

     Sending Email

               Mail folders in Outlook Express

               Composing and sending messages

               The Address Book

               Attaching Files to Messages

     Reading Email

               How to Process a Message

               Opening Attachments

               Message Rules


Part Four:. Beyond the Basics

Chapter 9. Printers and Other Hardware  229

     Installing a Printer

               Existing Printers

               USB Printers

               Network Printers

               The Printer Icon


               Printing from Applications

               Printing from the Desktop

               Printing from the Internet

     Controlling Printouts

     Printer Troubleshooting


     Connecting New Gadgets

               Using the Add Hardware Wizard

     The Device Manager

               Red X's and Yellow ?'s: Resolving Conflicts

               Turning Components Off

               Updating Drivers with the Device Manager

Chapter 10. The Control Panel  257

     Navigating the Panel

     Accessibility Options

     Add Hardware

     Add or Remove Programs

     Administrative Tools

     Automatic Updates

     Bluetooth Devices

     Date and Time


     Folder Options


     Game Controllers

     Internet Options




     Network Connections

     Network Setup Wizard

     Phone and Modem Options

     Power Options

     Printers and Faxes

     Regional and Language Options

     Scanners and Cameras

     Scheduled Tasks

     Security Center

     Sounds and Audio Devices



               General Tab

               Computer Name

               Hardware Tab

               Advanced Tab

               System Restore Tab

               Automatic Updates Tab

               Remote Tab

     Taskbar and Start Menu

     User Accounts

     Windows Firewall

     Wireless Network Setup Wizard

Chapter 11. Help, Maintenance, and Backups  285

     Navigating the Help System

               Help Home Page

               Search the Help Pages

               Help Index

      "What's This?": Help for Dialog Boxes

     Getting Help from Microsoft

     PC Maintenance: Internet Security

     Security Center

               The Windows Firewall

               Virus Software

               Spyware Cleaners

     Automatic Updates

     Microsoft Backup

               Backup Hardware

               Creating a Backup Job

               Restoring with Microsoft Backup


Part Five:. Life on the Network

Chapter 12. User Accounts  319

     Introducing User Accounts

     Setting Up Accounts

               Administrator Accounts

               Limited Accounts

               Adding an Account

               Editing an Account

               The Forgotten Password Disk

               Deleting User Accounts

     Setting Up the Logon Process

               "Use the Welcome Screen"

               "Use Fast User Switching"

               Shared Folders

Chapter 13. The Home Network  343

     The Network Setup Wizard

               "Before you continue"

               "Select a connection method"

               "Select your Internet connection"

               "Give this computer a description and name"

               "Name your network"

               "Ready to apply network settings"

               "You're almost done"

               Testing the Network

     Simple File Sharing

     The Shared Documents Folder

     Sharing Your Own Folders

               Notes on Sharing

               Hiding Folders

     Accessing Other Computers

               My Network Places

     Working with Network Files

               At the Desktop

               Using Start > Search

               Inside Applications