We the Media : Grassroots Journalism By the People, For the People (Paperback)

Dan Gillmor




"We the Media, has become something of a bible for those who believe the online medium will change journalism for the better." -Financial Times

Big Media has lost its monopoly on the news, thanks to the Internet. Now that it's possible to publish in real time to a worldwide audience, a new breed of grassroots journalists are taking the news into their own hands. Armed with laptops, cell phones, and digital cameras, these readers-turned-reporters are transforming the news from a lecture into a conversation. In We the Media, nationally acclaimed newspaper columnist and blogger Dan Gillmor tells the story of this emerging phenomenon and sheds light on this deep shift in how we make--and consume--the news.

Gillmor shows how anyone can produce the news, using personal blogs, Internet chat groups, email, and a host of other tools. He sends a wake-up call to
newsmakers-politicians, business executives, celebrities-and the marketers and PR flacks who promote them. He explains how to successfully play by the rules of this new era and shift from "control" to "engagement." And he makes a strong case to his fell journalists that, in the face of a plethora of Internet-fueled news vehicles, they must change or become irrelevant.

Journalism in the 21st century will be fundamentally different from the Big Media oligarchy that prevails today. We the Media casts light on the future of journalism, and invites us all to be part of it.

Dan Gillmor is founder of Grassroots Media Inc., a project aimed at enabling grassroots journalism and expanding its reach. The company's first launch is Bayosphere.com, a site "of, by, and for the San Francisco Bay Area."

Dan Gillmor is the founder of the Center for Citizen Media, a project to enable and expand reach of grassroots media. From 1994-2004, Gillmor was a columnist at the San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Valley's daily newspaper, and wrote a weblog for SiliconValley.com. He joined the Mercury News after six years with the Detroit Free Press. Before that, he was with the Kansas City Times and several newspapers in Vermont. He has won or shared in several regional and national journalism awards. Before becoming a journalist he played music professionally for seven years.





"We the Media"已成為那些相信網絡媒體將改變新聞業的人的聖經。-《金融時報》

由於互聯網的出現,大型媒體已失去了對新聞的壟斷。現在,可以實時發布新聞給全球觀眾,一種新型的基層記者正在將新聞掌握在自己手中。這些從讀者轉變為記者的人們,憑藉著筆記本電腦、手機和數碼相機,將新聞從講述變成對話。在《We the Media》中,全國知名報紙專欄作家和博主丹·吉爾莫爾講述了這一新興現象的故事,並闡明了我們在製作和消費新聞方面發生的深刻變革。


21世紀的新聞業將與今天的大型媒體寡頭截然不同。《We the Media》為新聞業的未來投下了光明的一線,並邀請我們所有人參與其中。

丹·吉爾莫爾是Grassroots Media Inc.的創始人,該項目旨在促進基層新聞業並擴大其影響力。該公司的首個項目是Bayosphere.com,這是一個“由與為舊金山灣區”的網站。