Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide (Paperback)

Mike Chambers, Rob Dixon, Jeff Swartz

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  • 出版日期: 2007-03-16
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Written by members of the Apollo product team, this is the official guide to the Alpha release of Adobe's Apollo project, the revolutionary cross platform desktop runtime from Adobe Labs.

Adobe Apollo Pocket Guide for Flex explains how to build and deploy Flash-based Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) to the desktop using Adobe's Flex framework. This book describes concisely how Apollo works, and offers numerous examples for those who want to start building RIAs for the desktop right away.

Why put RIAs on the desktop? They're already supposed to offer the responsiveness of desktop programs. Unfortunately, web browsers can't support all of the interactions we expect from applications. You can't drag a file into an RIA and have it act on that file, for example, or have RIAs interact with other applications on the computer.

Adobe's Apollo project gives you the best of both worlds -- the RIA development model and true desktop functionality. This pocket guide explains how.

Topics include:
  • The types of applications Apollo targets:
  • Steps for creating your first application
  • Using the File I/O API
  • Using HTML within Flex-based Apollo Applications
  • Apollo Mini Cookbook for common tasks
  • Apollo Packages and Classes, and Command-Line Tools
Once you understand the basics of building a Flex-based Apollo application, this pocket guide makes an ideal reference for tackling specific problems.
Table of Contents


Introduction to Apollo  

     A Short History of Web Applications 

     Problems with Delivering Applications Via the Browser 

     Introducing the Apollo Runtime 

     Primary Apollo Technologies 

Getting Started with Apollo Development  

     Installing the Apollo Alpha 1 Runtime 

     What You Need in Order to Develop Apollo Applications 

     Building a Sample Apollo Application 

     Next Steps 

Using HTML Within Flex-Based Apollo Applications  

     HTML Support in Apollo 

     Using the Flex HTML Component 

     Using the HTMLControl Class 

     Script Bridging: Communicating Between ActionScript and JavaScript 

Chapter 4:. Using the File System API

     Security Model 

     Accessing Files and Directories 

     Asynchronous and Synchronous Versions of Methods 

     Reading Directory Contents 

     Getting File Information 

     Copying and Moving Files and Directories 

     Creating Files and Directories 

     Deleting Files and Directories 

     Reading and Writing Files 

Chapter 5:. Apollo Mini-Cookbook

     Working with the File System 

     Working with HTML 

     Using the Windowing API 

Apollo Packages and Classes  

Apollo Command-Line Tools  




這本書是由 Apollo 產品團隊的成員撰寫的,是 Adobe Labs 的革命性跨平台桌面運行時項目 Apollo 的 Alpha 版的官方指南。

Adobe Apollo Pocket Guide for Flex 解釋了如何使用 Adobe 的 Flex 框架在桌面上構建和部署基於 Flash 的豐富互聯網應用程序(RIAs)。本書簡要介紹了 Apollo 的工作原理,並提供了許多示例,供那些想立即開始為桌面構建 RIAs 的人參考。

為什麼要將 RIAs 放在桌面上?它們已經應該提供桌面程序的響應能力。不幸的是,網絡瀏覽器無法支持我們對應用程序的所有交互操作。例如,您無法將文件拖入 RIA 並對該文件進行操作,也無法讓 RIA 與計算機上的其他應用程序進行交互。

Adobe 的 Apollo 項目為您提供了最佳的兩個世界 - RIA 開發模型和真正的桌面功能。本小指南將解釋如何實現這一點。


  • Apollo 的應用程序類型:

  • 創建第一個應用程序的步驟

  • 使用文件 I/O API

  • 在基於 Flex 的 Apollo 應用程序中使用 HTML

  • 常見任務的 Apollo 迷你食譜

  • Apollo 的包和類,以及命令行工具

一旦您了解了構建基於 Flex 的 Apollo 應用程序的基礎知識,本小指南將成為解決特定問題的理想參考資料。






介紹 Apollo  

     Web 應用程序的簡史 


   介紹 Apollo 運行時 

     主要的 Apollo 技術 

開始使用 Apollo 開發  

     安裝 Apollo Alpha 1 運行時 

     開發 Apollo 應用程序所需的東西 

     構建示例 Apollo 應用程序 


在基於 Flex 的 Apollo 應用程序中使用 HTML  

     Apollo 中的 HTML 支持 

     使用 Flex HTML 組件 

     使用 HTMLControl 類 

   腳本橋接:在 ActionScript 和 JavaScript 之間通信 

第四章:使用文件系統 API