Web 2.0 Architectures: What entrepreneurs and information architects need to know (Paperback)

James Governor

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  • 出版日期: 2009-06-02
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Web 2.0 is more pervasive than ever, with business analysts and technologists struggling to comprehend the opportunity it represents. But what exactly is Web 2.0--a marketing term or technical reality? This fascinating book finally puts substance behind the phenomenon by identifying the core patterns of Web 2.0, and by introducing an abstract model and reference architecture to help you take advantage of them. In Web 2.0 Architectures, authors Duane Nickull, Dion Hinchcliffe, and James Governor--who have 40 years of combined experience with technical specifications and industry trends--examine what makes successful Web 2.0 services such as Google AdSense, Flickr, BitTorrent, MySpace, Facebook, and Wikipedia tick. The result is a base of knowledge that developers, business people, futurists, and entrepreneurs can understand and use as a source of ideas and inspiration. This book reveals:
  • A Model for Web 2.0--An in-depth look at how the classic Client-Server model has evolved into a more detailed Web 2.0 model.
  • Web 2.0 Reference Architecture--A generic component view that helps decision-makers recognize basic patterns in existing Web 2.0 applications-patterns that can be repurposed for other commercial ventures.
  • Specific Patterns of Web 2.0--How Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Software as a Service pattern (SaaS), Participation-Collaboration Pattern, AJAX, Mashups, Rich User Experience (a.k.a. RIA), Collaborative Tagging Systems (Folksonomy), and more can be used in your technology business.

In true Web 2.0 fashion, Nickull, Hinchcliffe, and Governor present the reference architecture and patterns on their companion website so that people in the industry can augment it and continue the discussion.


Web 2.0架構:發掘Web 2.0的核心模式和參考架構

《Web 2.0架構》這本引人入勝的書籍終於為Web 2.0現象提供了實質內容,並通過確定Web 2.0的核心模式,以及介紹一個抽象模型和參考架構,幫助您充分利用這些模式所帶來的機會。作者Duane Nickull、Dion Hinchcliffe和James Governor在技術規範和行業趨勢方面擁有40年的經驗,他們研究了Google AdSense、Flickr、BitTorrent、MySpace、Facebook和Wikipedia等成功的Web 2.0服務的運作原理。結果形成了一個基礎知識,開發人員、商業人士、未來學家和企業家可以理解並用作思想和靈感的來源。本書揭示了以下內容:

- Web 2.0模型:深入探討經典的客戶端-服務器模型如何演變為更詳細的Web 2.0模型。
- Web 2.0參考架構:一個通用的組件視圖,幫助決策者識別現有Web 2.0應用程序中的基本模式,這些模式可以應用於其他商業項目。
- Web 2.0的具體模式:如何在技術業務中使用面向服務的架構(SOA)、軟件即服務模式(SaaS)、參與-協作模式、AJAX、Mashups、豐富的用戶體驗(即RIA)、協作標記系統(Folksonomy)等。

Nickull、Hinchcliffe和Governor以真正的Web 2.0風格在他們的伴侶網站上呈現了參考架構和模式,以便業內人士可以擴充它並繼續討論。