Head First Servlets and JSP : Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam, 2/e (Paperback)

Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates



Looking to study up for the new J2EE 1.5 Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) exam?

This book will get you way up to speed on the technology you'll know it so well, in fact, that you can pass the brand new J2EE 1.5 exam. If that's what you want to do, that is. Maybe you don't care about the exam, but need to use servlets and JSPs in your next project. You're working on a deadline. You're over the legal limit for caffeine. You can't waste your time with a book that makes sense only AFTER you're an expert (or worse, one that puts you to sleep).

Learn how to write servlets and JSPs, what makes a web container tick (and what ticks it off), how to use JSP's Expression Language (EL for short), and how to write deployment descriptors for your web applications. Master the c:out tag, and get a handle on exactly what's changed since the older J2EE 1.4 exam. You don't just pass the new J2EE 1.5 SCWCD exam, you'll understand this stuff and put it to work immediately.

Head First Servlets and JSP doesn't just give you a bunch of facts to memorize; it drives knowledge straight into your brain. You'll interact with servlets and JSPs in ways that help you learn quickly and deeply. And when you're through with the book, you can take a brand-new mock exam, created specifically to simulate the real test-taking experience.


想要準備新的J2EE 1.5 Sun認證Web元件開發人員(SCWCD)考試嗎?這本書將讓您對這項技術了解得非常透徹,以至於您可以順利通過全新的J2EE 1.5考試。如果這是您的目標的話。也許您並不在乎考試,但在下一個專案中需要使用servlet和JSP。您正在面臨截止日期,而且已經超過咖啡因的合法限制。您不能浪費時間閱讀一本只有在您成為專家之後才能理解的書(或更糟糕的是,一本會讓您睡著的書)。

學習如何撰寫servlet和JSP,了解網頁容器的運作方式(以及可能引起問題的因素),如何使用JSP的表達式語言(簡稱EL),以及如何為您的網頁應用程式撰寫部署描述檔。掌握c:out標籤,並了解自從舊版J2EE 1.4考試以來的所有變化。您不僅僅通過新的J2EE 1.5 SCWCD考試,還將深入理解這些知識並立即應用。

《Head First Servlets and JSP》不僅僅是提供一堆需要記憶的事實,它會將知識直接灌輸到您的大腦中。您將以幫助您快速且深入學習的方式與servlet和JSP互動。當您完成閱讀本書後,您可以參加一個全新的模擬考試,專門模擬真實的考試體驗。