Erlang Programming (Paperback)

Francesco Cesarini, Simon Thompson

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2009-07-28
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0596518188
  • ISBN-13: 9780596518189
  • 相關分類: Functional-programming
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This book is an in-depth introduction to Erlang, a programming language ideal for any situation where concurrency, fault tolerance, and fast response is essential. Erlang is gaining widespread adoption with the advent of multi-core processors and their new scalable approach to concurrency. With this guide you'll learn how to write complex concurrent programs in Erlang, regardless of your programming background or experience.

Written by leaders of the international Erlang community -- and based on their training material -- Erlang Programming focuses on the language's syntax and semantics, and explains pattern matching, proper lists, recursion, debugging, networking, and concurrency.

This book helps you:

  • Understand the strengths of Erlang and why its designers included specific features
  • Learn the concepts behind concurrency and Erlang's way of handling it
  • Write efficient Erlang programs while keeping code neat and readable
  • Discover how Erlang fills the requirements for distributed systems
  • Add simple graphical user interfaces with little effort
  • Learn Erlang's tracing mechanisms for debugging concurrent and distributed systems
  • Use the built-in Mnesia database and other table storage features

Erlang Programming provides exercises at the end of each chapter and simple examples throughout the book.


這本書是一本深入介紹 Erlang 的書籍,Erlang 是一種適用於任何需要並發性、容錯性和快速響應的程式語言。隨著多核處理器的出現和其對並發性的可擴展方法,Erlang 正在廣泛被採用。這本指南將教你如何在 Erlang 中編寫複雜的並發程式,無論你的程式設計背景或經驗如何。

Erlang Programming 由國際 Erlang 社區的領導者撰寫,並基於他們的培訓材料。該書著重介紹 Erlang 的語法和語義,並解釋模式匹配、正確的列表、遞迴、調試、網絡和並發等概念。

- 了解 Erlang 的優勢以及設計者為什麼包含特定功能
- 學習並發性的概念以及 Erlang 處理並發性的方式
- 在保持代碼整潔和可讀性的同時,編寫高效的 Erlang 程式
- 發現 Erlang 如何滿足分散系統的需求
- 輕鬆添加簡單的圖形用戶界面
- 學習 Erlang 的追蹤機制,用於調試並發和分散系統
- 使用內建的 Mnesia 數據庫和其他表存儲功能

Erlang Programming 在每章結尾提供練習題,並在整本書中提供簡單的示例。