iPhone Open Application Development: Write Native Objective-C Applications for the iPhone (Paperback)

Jonathan Zdziarski

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2008-03-20
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 288
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596518552
  • ISBN-13: 9780596518554
  • 相關分類: Apple Developer
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Certain technologies bring out everyone's hidden geek, and iPhone did the moment it was released. Even though Apple created iPhone as a closed device, tens of thousands of developers bought them with the expressed purpose of designing and running third-party software. In this clear and concise book, veteran hacker Jonathan Zdziarski -- one of the original hackers of the iPhone -- explains the iPhone's native environment and how you can build software for this device using its Objective-C, C, and C++ development frameworks. iPhone Open Application Development walks you through the iPhone's proprietary development environment, offers an overview of the Objective-C language you'll use with it, and supplies background for the iPhone operating system. You also get detailed recipes and working examples for everyone's favorite iPhone features -- graphics and audio programming, interfaces for adding multitouch functionality to games, the use of hardware sensors, and the device's vast user interface kit. This book explains: How to access the iPhone's underlying operating system The makeup of an iPhone application How to get the open source tool chain running on your desktop The iPhone's core user interface framework, which is heavily tied to major application-level functions Using the many touted iPhone features such as multitouch, hardware sensors, and gestures Intercepting and handling event notifications for many iPhone-related events Raw video surfaces and 3D transformations that take you deeper into advanced graphics on the iPhone How to record and play simple sounds and intercept sound events Advanced digital audio output using Apple's new Audio Toolbox framework Advanced user interfacecomponents such as section lists, keyboards, and image manipulation The Appendix includes a compendium of miscellaneous code examples for cool application features, such as using the camera and creating a CoverFlow(R)-like album browser. This book is a true hacker's book, designed for the millions of users who have run third party applications on their iPhone, but its concepts and code examples have shown to be remarkably similar to Apple's official SDK, making this book a valuable resource for both camps. Any programmer can use this book to write applications with the same spectacular effects that made the device an immediate hit, and impress users just as much as the official iPhone software does. That programmer can easily be you.


某些技術能夠喚醒每個人內心的極客,而 iPhone 在發布之時就做到了這一點。儘管蘋果將 iPhone 設計為封閉式設備,但成千上萬的開發者購買了 iPhone,並明確表示要設計和運行第三方軟件。在這本明確而簡潔的書中,資深駭客 Jonathan Zdziarski(iPhone 的原始駭客之一)解釋了 iPhone 的本地環境,以及如何使用其 Objective-C、C 和 C++ 開發框架為該設備構建軟件。《iPhone 開放式應用開發》將引導您了解 iPhone 的專有開發環境,提供您將與之一起使用的 Objective-C 語言的概述,並為 iPhone 操作系統提供背景知識。您還將獲得詳細的示例和實用範例,用於實現每個人最喜歡的 iPhone 功能,包括圖形和音頻編程、為遊戲添加多點觸控功能的界面、使用硬件傳感器以及設備的龐大用戶界面套件。本書解釋了以下內容:如何訪問 iPhone 的底層操作系統、iPhone 應用程序的組成、如何在桌面上運行開源工具鏈、與主要應用程序級功能緊密相關的 iPhone 核心用戶界面框架、使用許多被吹捧的 iPhone 功能,如多點觸控、硬件傳感器和手勢、攔截和處理與 iPhone 相關的事件通知、深入了解 iPhone 上的高級圖形的原始視頻表面和 3D 轉換、如何錄製和播放簡單的聲音以及攔截聲音事件、使用蘋果的新 Audio Toolbox 框架進行高級數字音頻輸出、高級用戶界面組件,如分區列表、鍵盤和圖像操作。附錄包括一個雜項代碼示例彙編,用於實現酷炫的應用程序功能,例如使用相機和創建類似 CoverFlow(R) 的相冊瀏覽器。這本書是一本真正的駭客書籍,專為那些在 iPhone 上運行第三方應用程序的數百萬用戶設計,但其概念和代碼示例與蘋果的官方 SDK 非常相似,使得這本書對兩方都是一個寶貴的資源。任何程序員都可以使用這本書來編寫具有與官方 iPhone 軟件一樣令人驚嘆的效果的應用程序,並給用戶留下深刻的印象。這位程序員很可能就是你。