Programming Atlas

Christian Wenz

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  • 出版日期: 2006-09-01
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Learn how to deliver richer, more interactive web experiences to your users using ASP.NET Atlas, Microsoft's new framework for building Ajax-savvy web sites. Web developers of all persuasions have embraced the Ajax suite of technologies (JavaScript, HTTP, XML and more) as a way to implement pages that are faster, livelier and more desktop-like in their behavior. Now Atlas brings the power of Ajax to ASP.NET 2.0 developers with controls, script libraries and server support that delivers engaging results without the pain that writing complex JavaScript can entail. Better yet, Atlas web pages are standards based and even run cross-browser.

Programming Atlas is not just another "drag and drop" ASP.NET 2.0 book, but dives into the technologies that make it work. You'll begin with a tour of the technologies most often associated with Ajax, from JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest to JSON and the DOM. With the fundamentals in place, author JavaScript expert Christian Wenz unpacks the Atlas framework and shows you how to put its tools to work. You'll learn to:

  • Understand the architecture of Atlas and the role played by server conrols, such as ScriptManager and UpdatePanel
  • Use core Atlas controls and extenders to build more interactive pages with text fields that autocomplete, user input that is validated, controls that can be dragged and dropped, and much more
  • Bind, display, and update data without causing the entire page to refresh and use the Atlas web services bridge to consume third-party services beyond the domain of your application
  • Incorporate Microsoft Virtual Earth into an application, use Atlas with Web Parts, and create a Windows Live Gadget
  • Use Atlas with PHP and explore other non-Microsoft Ajax tools for ASP.NET


Table of Contents



1. Atlas, Ajax, and ASP.NET

     Atlas and Ajax

     Atlas and ASP.NET

     Atlas and Future Development

     Atlas Prerequisites and Installation

     Atlas Structure and Architecture

     A First Atlas Example: Hello User

     The ScriptManager Control


     For Further Reading

2. JavaScript

     The JavaScript Language

     Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

     Accessing Page Elements

     DOM Methods


     For Further Reading

3. Ajax

     The XMLHttpRequest Object

     The XMLDocument Object



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4. Controls

     Introducing Atlas Client Controls

     Using Atlas Controls

     Handling Control Events


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5. Data Binding and Validation

     Data Binding

     Data Validation


     For Further Reading

6. Components and Behaviors

     Using Behaviors

     Using Components


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7. Animations

     Using Animations

     Using an Animation to Create a Fade Effect


     For Further Reading

8. Client Script Library

     Atlas OOP Features for JavaScript

     Client-Side Versions of .NET Classes


     For Further Reading

9. Using Server Data

     Using a ListView Control

     Creating a Custom Data Source


10. Web Services

     Error Handling

     Inline Web Service Methods

     Maintaining Session State

     Consuming External Web Services


     For Further Reading

11. Extending Controls

     Adding Drag and Drop to a Control

     Adding Autocomplete to a Control

     Making a Page Region Updateable


     For Further Reading

12. Virtual Earth

     Displaying a Map

     Adding Pushpins with Pop-Ups to a Map


     For Further Reading

13. Web Parts and Gadgets

     Using Atlas with ASP.NET Web Parts

     Creating Windows Live Gadgets with Atlas


     For Further Reading

14. Atlas Control Toolkit

     Installing the Toolkit

     Using the Toolkit

     Writing Custom Controls


     For Further Reading

15. Using Atlas with Other Server Technologies

     Using Atlas with PHP


     For Further Reading

16. Other Ajax Tools

     Client Callbacks


     Pure JavaScript

     Consuming Web Services with JavaScript


     For Further Reading

A. XMLHttpRequest Reference

B. DOM Reference

C. Atlas Reference

D. ScriptManager and UpdatePanel Declarative Reference