Hibernate Made Easy: Simplified Data Persistence with Hibernate and JPA (Java Persistence API) Annotations (Paperback)

Cameron Wallace McKenzie



If HIBERNATE makes Java-based, data-persistence, so incredibly easy to perform, then why do all of the most popular resources make Hibernate technology so darned impossible to learn? Well, learning Hibernate doesn't have to be hard anymore; not with a copy of HIBERNATE MADE EASY by your side! Cameron McKenzie's, Hibernate Made Easy, finally brings to light the idea that a technology that is fun and easy to use, should also be fun and easy to learn. Building upon simple, straight forward examples that make even the most difficult topics easy to understand, this book explores all of the key concepts that you absolutely must know in order to start effectively leveraging the Hibernate framework. Discarding the old, XML based, -hbm- mapping files, Hibernate Made Easy will show you how to simplify your designs by leveraging both Hibernate and JPA annotations together, making your applications more manageable, maintainable, and most importantly, faster and easier to develop! From the fundamental, Create, Retrieve, Update & Delete operations, to the mapping of complex inheritance hierarchies, Hibernate Made Easy explains it, using a friendly and conversational style that reads less like a technical book, and more like an informative conversation with a Hibernate expert. And while the examples in the book are incredibly easy to follow and reproduce (---there are no code errors in this book -- that is guaranteed!---), the concepts this book will help you learn will empower you to solve even the most daunting programming challenges. From managing transactions over an HTTP based request-response cycle, to implementing highly advanced Data Access Objects (DAOs) with Java 5 generics, this book will teach you what you really need to know about Java based persistence with Hibernate. If you want to learn Hibernate, if you want to learn Hibernate quickly, and you want it explained in a manner that is easy to follow and understand, there really is no other choice. Get a copy of Cameron McKenzie's Hibernate Made Easy today! For more information, check out hiberbook.com